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Develop Your Skills. If you want to become a makeup artist, the first thing you should do is to develop your skills. It means that you should practice applying makeup on yourself but also on your friends. This way you will develop techniques and you will improve your makeup craft. It is recommended to practice applying makeup on people that have different skin, different eye colors and different face shapes. It is best to find people with dark, medium and olive skin. This way you will learn to work with different types of clients. Also, it is good to experiment with different brands of makeup. Certain brands of makeup are preferred over others because the quality of different brands is not the same. It is recommended to experiment with liquid, powder and other textures and to learn what works best on different types of skin. Also, you should experiment with different kinds of tools, brushes and makeup wands.

Learn about Different Looks. You should read magazines, fashion blogs and watch films, in order to note different trends and makeup styles. You should always follow the current beauty trends so you can advice your clients on what looks best. Of course, it is necessary to distinguish day and night looks. Daytime makeup should be minimalist. It is best to stick with pink tones when you are applying makeup on lips. Daytime eye makeup should be based only on mascara and some neutral shadow. When it comes to a nighttime makeup, you should highlight eyes or lip, but not both. You should also define cheekbones at night. There are also some people who will want to have the same makeup that a certain celebrity had in a magazine or at an awards show. Also, it will be necessary to learn the terminology related to makeup artistry so that you can communicate well with your clients.


Get Education and Experience. It is always best to go to beauty school if you have enough money and time.This way you will learn techniques from people who are successful in their business for years. If you enroll in beauty school you will probably learn basic skills such as wedding makeup, but you will also learn more advanced skills like special-effects makeup. These courses will certainly help you, but you will also need a lot of practice and, of course, a natural talent. You should know that if you are licensed cosmetologist, you will have the advantage over other makeup artists. It is also recommended to find some job at a cosmetics counter. If you get the job at a department or beauty store, you will have the opportunity to practice your makeup skills. You will work with hundreds of different people who will have different complexions and styles. A good thing is that you will practice your skills and you will be paid for that. Any work experience in cosmetics will be very useful for you later in your job.


Decide On An Industry. An important thing is to decide if you will work with TV or movie stars, musicians or models. Also, you may be interesting in doing wedding makeup in your city. When you decide what you will like to do, you should specialize in a certain type of makeup artistry. You could enter theater, fashion, bridal, special effects or some other field in makeup artistry. The next step is to build your own portfolio that will show your talents to clients and employers. This portfolio should include photographs of your best works and it should reflect your own style and your skills. It is recommended to hire a professional photographer, so that you photos look great. Also, if you want tobuild your own portfolio, it will be necessary to find models that will show your talents best. A good idea is to make both a print portfolio and an online portfolio. An online portfolio will help you reach a much larger audience. Remember that your portfolio will reflect the brand that you are creating. Your most creative works should be at the front so that your clients get an immediate impression of your talent. One more important thing is to start marketing yourself. You may ask your friends to hire you for their wedding makeup, parties or some other special occasions. This way people will see your work and they might want to hire you for some other event.

This way you will also become more and more popular. You may promote your makeup skills on You Tube. There are many online makeup artists who earn a lot of money posting their videos on You Tube. You may also become rich like Nicole Guerriero for example, Michelle Phan, Zoella or some other popular online makeup artists.

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