Airplanes are delicate machines and require all sorts of checks and balances to be taken into consideration are a pilot decides their bird is airworthy.

It’s either that or the airline in question is entirely incompetent and can’t possibly figure out how to create a viable timetable. Or perhaps Iceland’s graced us with yet another prehistoric volcano eruption.

Well then, be that as it may, waiting in any sort of queue can be incredibly frustrating and airport lobbies are no different. In this article, we’ll propose to you how to avoid boring layovers and save yourself some queuing misery in the future.

Right then, without further ado, here’s the deal!


Ways to Avoid a Layover

Do Your Homework


One of the best ways to NOT get haphazardly stranded in the Czech Republic for 9 hours, would be to do some research before you even set off on your voyage.  And here we’re talking about some tough airline-related research, as well.

While an airline may have a decent-looking Internet page and plenty of funds for elaborate advertisements, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll offer the best service, or indeed, offer it on time. To avoid getting charmed into booking a ticket with an unreliable airliner, be sure to do some digging beforehand.

By this, we mostly mean reading the reviews by independent critics and people, in general, who have had the pleasure, or perhaps displeasure, of traveling with the airliner in question.

As soon as you see some talk about ‘lost luggage’, ‘terrible service’, ‘seated next to a corpse again’ and similar complaints, it’s time you start looking for another airliner. (That ‘lost luggage’ thing is a major red flag, by the way.)


Get On-board a Charter Flight

If you’ve got the dough for it, settle for nothing less!

Often regarded as something that only can be seen in a James Bond film and something entirely inaccessible the common mortals, the flying charter has been getting increasingly more popular in recent years.

Partly because there’s a large number of unreliable airlines, and partly because the prices for these charter flights have gone down recently, more and more folks opt for this solution in the face of 8 and a half-layovers from hell. And who’s to blame them, really. Again, if you’ve got enough money, why bother waiting long hours for a flight, right?

So, if you’d like to get your respectable posterior on-board one of these exquisite flights, look for an air charter hire company, they’ll know all there is to know about it.


Build a Layover Into Your Schedule (Purposefully)

This may sound like some sort of cruel, diabolical joke, but it isn’t.

Purposefully including a layover into your flying itinerary can be a great way to bypass the awfulness of the fact that you’ll be having a layover in the first place!

In this way, you can plan ahead to do more activities while en route to your destination than you previously thought was possible. For example, you can go for a walk to stretch your legs, grab a bite to eat at a fancy restaurant in town, or do some sightseeing.

It really is quite extraordinary how many things you can do inside just 7 hours. Let your imagination lead you and get yourself a proper mini adventure. During a layover, no less!

(Just don’t get arrested for pity’s sake. That would surely throw a massive spanner in all of your plans.)



Be In Touch With The Airline

Pestering your airline with inquisitive phone calls at regular intervals is the best way to ensure your airplane will arrive on time. Or if it doesn’t, you’ll at least know all about it before everyone else.

The thing is, airlines themselves can’t possibly be 100% sure their airplane will land on time, or leave on time, because there’s a number of situations that can pop out of nowhere and thwart their dreams of accountability and happy customers.

A delay in refueling, for example, bad weather, coup d’état in the destination country, or even the aforementioned Icelandic volcano can all cause your trusty airliner to not take off on time. Stuff happens, it’s not always the airline’s fault, you know.

So, your best shot at understanding what’s going on would certainly be to inform yourself regularly. Make the first call to your airline a couple of weeks before the flight and then increase the frequency of your calls as the designated flight date approaches.


All things considered, a layover is not the end of the world, really. Simply keeping yourself informed, doing your research, or perhaps flying charter can save you a lot of bother later on.

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