It is not easy to keep up with the style game every day of your life. On some days, we barely feel like getting up, not to mention putting on makeup, deciding on a killer outfit and getting our hair done. Now when the summer’s over and the mornings are colder and gloomier, we just feel like watching Netflix in our pajamas. Then we scroll our Instagram feed and see all those fashion queens and kings looking damn good in their fancy fall outfits and wish we had the energy and time to invest in our looks as well. Good news is that there are small and easy tricks to assist you with your style maintenance all year long.

Plan your outfits

Spontaneous is great, but planning is safe. If you aspire to look like a fashion icon every single day of your life, regardless of your schedule and mood – please do plan. We’re all aware of the high probability for mornings to go wrong, since things such as sleeping in, forgetting car keys, spilling the coffee and similar happen very often. Therefore, take ten minutes before going to bed to check the forecast and figure out your outfit for tomorrow for a stress-free morning and stylish outfit even on the most chaotic of days.

Accessorize always

Accessorizing is usually the most fun part and leaves room for imagination and experimenting. But unfortunately, there is such a thing as too much accessorizing, so bear in mind that sometimes less is more, and one statement piece may be enough. Whether it is a colorful scarf, a sporty hat or a neon statement necklace, just make sure it’s appropriately combined with the rest of your outfit. However, a pair of good sunglasses is always (and when we say always, we mean always) an excellent choice, because it will not only cover your eye bags, but also provide you with that good old diva look.

Know how to fix your mistakes

First of all, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you or anyone else could be flawless fashion-wise. We all jump on the bandwagon, make some impulse choices and end up letting our style suffer the consequences. We’re erroneous humans and this is fine. However, what matters is that we are ready and we know how to fix our mistakes. If big and flashy belly button piercings are out this season, quit wearing them. If your tattoo was only a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, turn to laser tattoo removal in Sydney. Dyeing your hair into pastel colors is very much still a thing, but this does not mean it’s the way to go for you and your hairstyle. No matter how limitless today’s fashion world seems to be, freedom to experiment has its limits and expiring dates as well – so keep up with the contemporary trends and learn to let things go by replacing or correcting the old habits.

Look for classic and timeless pieces

Although fashion requires items which will stand out, it’s also necessary to maintain a certain dose of a classic look. Instead of hoarding on short-living trendy items, invest in a timeless piece such as a classic leather jacket or beautiful black dress, adequate for mostly any occasion. A classic piece of clothing with a small twist will do the trick of looking elegant, chic and trendy at the same time. Plus, it’s preferable to have such items in your wardrobe for the occasions you’re not sure what the dress code or the environment is, and safe choices turn out to be the best choices.

A style signature

Clothing is a form of communication, so make sure to always have at least one conversation piece on you. It can be a flashy jewelry item, an oversized hat or bag, as long as it triggers people’s mind and starts a conversation. One must have an item they’ll be recognized for, something that will make them stand out and contribute to an eye-catching look.

Having your style under control doesn’t seem to be that demanding anymore, huh? For those days when you have no energy or will to care about the way you’ll look upon stepping out of your apartment, these simple tricks above will do the job for you. Remember that looking good contributes to feeling good, so note those and keep them in the back of your mind for the next time you have an outfit dilemma.


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