How to Ace the Sleepwear to Street Wear look

Lazy weekends are here. All you want to do is to stay home and start a movie marathon you have been planning. Or perhaps have the girls over for a fun pyjama party. There are also a million chores to do and errands to run; from grocery shopping to picking up your favourite loaf from the bakers to picking up your clothes from the dry cleaners. You need to stock up on our selection of sleepwear to street wear to save yourself from the trouble of changing into formals each time you want to leave the home. Here’s our pick of lounge wear that can double up as street wear while keeping you looking stylish and fashionable.

Sophia Embroidered Dress

The Sophia Embroidered Dress is one of the most attractive garments you’re likely to own. If you are looking to buy ladies’ nighty online, do consider this piece as it makes a perfect lounge wear for a long weekend at home but comes in just as handy when you have to make a short trip to the nearby shop. This is a loose-fit, short dress in soft pink made from 100% cotton. Team it with a lace shrug or a dark fuchsia jacket for the perfects

Talisa Backless Night Dress & Gown

Fashion is not what you wear; fashion is how you carry it. Complementing your fashion sense is the Talisa backless nightdress and gown, a pretty backless cotton gown with a lace halter neck. What makes it perfect is the long floral lace trimmed gown that you can don like a long robe over your dress. Made from soft white cotton dobby, the Talisa is likely to be one of the most comfortable and beautiful sets in your wardrobe.

Janet Pyjama Suit

The Janet Pyjama Suit makes for a conservative lounge wear best suited for lazy evenings. It is perfect for a day out on the streets running errands as well. The luxe satin fabric keeps you cool and comfortable and the broad edge lyca lace adds just the right hint of feminine grace. The Janet Suit comes in a bright orange and a dark black, both suited for street wear.

Valerie Embroidered Cami, Pyjamas and Gown

If there is one suit that fits the “sleepwear to street wear” bill perfectly, this must be it. The Valerie Embroidered Cami, Pyjamas and Gown is a three-piece pyjama set that comes in a pretty beige colour. Wear the slinky camisole with the PJs at home and throw on the kimono style gown wrap when you’re ready to step out. Made from heavy luxe georgette, this suit is the very definition of comfort and elegance.

Tatra Unisex Hand-Embroidered Pyjamas

If you’re looking to buy women’s nightwear online, you may want to pick a comfortable pair of pyjamas which double up as the perfect street wear as well. The Tatra pyjamas are a funky addition to your wardrobe. Made from 100% cotton chambray fabric, this straight PJ comes in pure white with charcoal grey embroidery that lends it a fun quotient. Team it up with a sleek tank top while you stay indoors or wear a dark tee shirt to go grocery shopping.

Holly Crop Top & Shorts

It’s a fine sunny day. Lounge at home or run errands in this cheerful floral printed cotton shorts and crop top. The Holly Crop Top and Shorts are made of 100% cotton fabric that redefines comfort. The delicate lace strap and multicolor floral print make it both, girly and fashionable, at the same time. The green patterned frill shorts with the lace pocket perfectly match the top.


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