For parents, high school is a time when their children need to focus on preparing themselves for further studies. For the children, it is a time for self-discovery and development of personality where they are still trying to figure out their priorities, dreams and goals. Ideally, high school is a little bit of both.

High schools in Japan have been successful in helping students use this time to get to know themselves, get in touch with their inherent talents and to develop the skills they have, which pushes them ahead in their lives.

Here are a few ideas employed by Japanese schools to make the experience the best for students. Of course, these ideas are fairly thought-provoking and require the students to utilize their knowledge for things beyond just studies.

  • Honouring labour

Schools in Japan believe in the honour of service. Students are taught the beauty of labour from the time of primary school. They learn to clean, tidy up, sweep and help in chores in the school. These values are carried well into the secondary and high schools, when students have to be of service in and around the classroom, by contributing in any way they can to add to the discipline, cleanliness and aid of others for the higher good of society. High school students are also taught politeness and quality awareness by taking pride in whatever they do.

  • Look at a way to utilize academic learning

Students can use their skills and talents to keep themselves entertained and occupied. They can also use these to earn some pocket money. Those who are good at arts, crafts, baking, etc. can sell their products. Students who are exceptionally good at any particular subject can offer to tutor younger students. Schools in Japan believe that once students know what they are good at, they should work on improving themselves as well as make some use of that skill.

  • Learning while studying

Schools in Japan encourage their students to take up a part-time job, or an internship. This is a great opportunity for students to learn plenty of ideals and work ethics. They also get a dose of experience along with a learning opportunity. They encourage internships or jobs where students can learn about responsibility, punctuality, time management, efficiency, etc. Some students actually get internships or jobs in the same fields that they wish to pursue their careers. Japanese school provides them with an idea of what to expect from their dream job. This job could be working at a fashion or music label, with a sports team, as a lawyer, or starting up their own business. Students gain a lot of knowledge out of this as well.

  • Expanding circles

Japanese schools say that students can enroll for basic courses at different colleges as well, including their local community college. This will ultimately lead to them meeting new people who come from different communities and backgrounds. They will have different interests. The students can all interact and get to know each other well. They can learn about different cultures alongside the courses that they have enrolled in.

The best way to make their experience a good one is by properly balancing work and play. High school is a time that requires you to maintain a proper balance between your academics and relaxation, along with doing non-academic activities and socializing as well.

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