How pretty girls can stay ahead of their fashion rivals

Looks define your personality. How you appear before someone has a great effect in making a judgment about any person’s personality. Being neat and clean is one thing but being modern is also a necessity when you want to have a dashing personality. Therefore, we can say that fashion defines people, it helps them make a guess about their personality. Fashion fanatics always want to be ahead of their competitors, see when you want to become the face of your college, you must have to face some competitors. How can you stay ahead of these competitors in styling and appearance, we’ve got a guide to answer all your worries.

Know your body shape:

Knowing your body shape is most important when you want to adopt any new style. Many Pakistani girls make this mistake, most of you do not take into account your own body shape while adopting anything that’s new in fashion. It’s good that you are fearless to adopt new trends but sometimes it may backfire seriously. So, it is recommended to always take into account your own body shape whenever you decide to adopt a new trend or style. Many gorgeous ladies make this mistake while following their like celebrities, of which we are going to tell you exactly why you should not follow anyone blindly in the next step.

Don’t follow anyone blindly:

Many pretty ladies often trying to beat their competitors follow something that’s not for them, end up being a fashion disaster. Following influencers is not a bad thing, however, following blindly is. Celebrities often have everything to cover up their mess, however, you won’t get any such thing. Whatever these trendsetters wear has a theme and homework to suit them, if you can afford to do so, you are welcome to follow your liked influencers too, still, make sure it’s not too expensive for you.

Buying expensive isn’t always good & buying cheap also:

If you are thinking buying brands would make you stylish, you are wrong. Similarly, if you are cutting costs that isn’t also helping you achieve a styling look. What’s better, is the perfect blend of both where you can afford anything that’s into your budget. Having only one expensive dress isn’t going to make you the fashionista of the town, and having a plethora of cheap ones also doesn’t help.

No accessories no class:

Accessories are things that complement your overall style statement. Though clothing or apparel is most to occupy your body, accessories are also very significant too. The biggest fashion geek of the world Giorgio Armani said, “Accessories are important and becoming more every day”. So, you also want to have a complete set of accessories that can define the tone of occasion you are participating in.

Your own style statement matters:

This is the biggest fashion tip you can use to stay ahead of your fashion rivals. If you are making your own style statement, you will obviously work on parts where you are the most strong. Whereas following someone else’s style statement won’t let you focus on your strengths. Therefore making your own style statement matters a lot for anyone who wants to become the fashion guru of his/her college.

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