How our health improved using technology

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and we are still struggling to keep pace with the changing trends. Even though technology surrounds us, we seldom appreciate the health benefits that we gain from it.

That’s right. When we focus on the positive changes that technological development has brought upon us in the comfort of our homes, it gets overwhelming. We wonder how people before us lived without technology in the first place!

With more money invested in the research, new and innovative machinery, equipment and applications bring us greater benefits. There is sheer under-appreciation of how without even having to step out of our homes, we are gaining benefits of technology as it plays a crucial role in our health. The positive influence it has on our health is usually ignored, but it is high time that we change our mindset and truly praise technology for all the convenience it provides. Following are ways in which technology improves our health, in the comfort of our homes.

Gym at home

In this modern time, everything is face paced. There seem to be fewer hours in a day to do all that we want. This not only takes a toll on one’s mental health but also influences the physical health. Most jobs in recent times require sitting at a desk for long hours and due to this, people do not get the time to go to the gym or might not even have the willpower to do so by the end of the day. However, because of technology, we have gyms in our own homes. Complex machines can easily fit in homes which means you no longer have to skip a gym session.

Regular exercise helps maintain your health and immunity. Even when there are conditions where one could not step out of the house to exercise, there should not be a compromise on one’s physical health and so treadmills, and cycling machines are ideal in such situations. They are a true representation of how technology bears immense benefits along with ease and comfort. Not only do these machines make it easy to exercise but also coupled with Fitbit, which is a pedometer, it pushes one to ‘take’ more steps.

By having the ability to keep check of one’s steps in a day and other health indicators, it is more likely that this will motivate a person to set and achieve their health goals and hit the treadmill at home to get in the required steps.

Health tracking apps

Several apps allow us to take a better care of ourselves. For instance, multiple apps help ladies keep track of their menstrual cycles and provide an ovulation calendar. Flo is an example of such an app and it proves to be helpful for women who want to conceive. The app highlights the most fertile days, i.e. days on which there are high chances of getting pregnant. In addition, through the settings, the app sends a reminder for birth control pills, for drinking water and it contains the feature of presenting comprehensive charts of the cycles. Due to this, women save themselves from unnecessary doctors’ trips.

If you must go to a doctor, the app provides a report-generating feature, which could be shared with the doctor that would better equip them in giving a diagnosis.

Similarly, you can make use of a reliable telemedicine platform to contact your health care provider and ask any health-related questions.

Ease of connectivity

As important, as it is to keep one’s body healthy, mental health is also of utmost importance. Some even argue that mental health is important than physical health because if one is not in the right state of mind, their physical health would not mean much to them. Both are undoubtedly interlinked and need to be taken care of simultaneously.

One major advantage of technology is that we can remain connected with our loved ones 24/7. The ability to communicate with a loved one in a matter of seconds is a source of profound happiness and comfort. It is exhilarating to think that with just a few taps on our phone screens, we can call someone who is thousands of miles away. This not only is ideal in times of crises but also means that we are closer to people than ever before. This is great for the mental health because having that communication and connection brings joy. It is ideal for elderly people and those who cannot leave their homes frequently. Thanks to technology, their mental health is not affected even when confined to their homes.

Source of help

Not only do the elderly reap the benefits of technology, but students do too. Having multiple study groups online and the ability to ask a friend for help without having to leave their house; young adults have a better chance of securing good grades.

Fifty-nine percent of schools report that their students use social media for learning. This impacts their health because first, there is less burden on students to meet physically at one place with peers for the sake of revision. In addition, there is a sense of community with online groups that can prove to be a source of help and comfort for students at exam times. This not only saves a huge amount of money, but it also reduces the stress students and their parents might feel.

In a world that is transforming due to technology, there are chances that the focus is only on the adverse effects. Technology has the propensity of bearing negative impacts, but to focus on just those would be a great disservice. There needs to be a greater appreciation of the positive influence it has on our health, in such different ways, and the convenience it brings into our lives.

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