It’s a mid-year analysis.

Beginning of a brand-new financial year always offers huge opportunities specially for the apparel industry. But in recent years online clothing stores are showing more competence for this highly competitive market. There is literally some aggressive fighting is going to happen in the coming months.

Both online clothing trend and business prediction are going hand in hand. Here is the glimpse of the rest of 2019 & 2020’s online clothing fashion and business.

“One size doesn’t fit all”-that should be the most crucial point for an online clothing store.

Most online retailers are still creating fashion lines only for a very narrow range of size and shape. But the demography has changed drastically over the past few years. The plus size ladies are now raising their voices and becoming the new “Super Consumers”.

Affordable Luxury would be the “It” thing for coming years. So, this can be the lucky charm for online attire stores for the super-rich and for the upcoming rich customers. The fashion industry has been targeting them from the last year. These luxury buyers are going to hit online stores more than any other time.

As feminism is the new activism, more chick styling and celebrity branding are lining up for the whole of 2019. Women and in particular the plus size girls would be the most spender for this year. Designers are predicting straight-size for the new would be a chick thing. So, all online clothing stores are paying tribute for their new client base.

“Pushing thyself out of boundaries and tossing the rules out of windows”- eccentric wave is beating around our social and political aspects.

Now fashion business is trying to grab the black and white tone too. They have to prioritise their clothing line and customer base accordingly. Literally, there would be no grey area of mix and match for this 2019.

Customers are finally bouncing back from the “athleisure” craze of 2018. This term would be fade away gradually, but mostly they will blend with regular outfit and lifestyle. They have already passed their official newcomer phase. Now, the upcoming years will make them an essential wardrobe item. Their comfortable look will harmonise with versatility.

And finally comes the “Money talk”. In this virtual world, labels have lost their charm. Value and time are the two most important facts here. Targeting various weekdays like Monday Special or Happy Weekends are going to play as the major player in this field. This year holidays would rock the cradle of online clothing business.

Some coming back style would be the saviour for clothing stores, as they specially tailor for particular styling zone. Like cheetah print or printed pyjamas would be some must-have item for online stores. The simple outfit with a refreshing outlook is going to be a steady trend of this year.

They should have, would like and could wear a complete cliché now. Customers are wearing everything that he or she can carry on. Perfect fitting, exact size and comfortable look would be the deciding factor of 2019. Online plus size clothing stores in Australia will go along with this flow to keep their business up and unique.

To futureproof your online clothing store for the rest of 2019 & 2020, here we share the market forecast that likely to shape your online business.

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