How Much Does the Average Visit to the Dentist Cost?

Did you know that one out of every four adults has an untreated cavity?

Maintaining proper dental care is imperative to not only the health of your teeth and gums, but your overall health as you continue to age.

Are you curious about the cost of good dental hygiene? If so, continue reading for some facts and figures on what the average visit to the dentist cost could be.

Dental Care

The reason for a dental visit may vary person-to-person, however, regular dental exams typically include a specific set of examinations.

Your overall oral hygiene is examined, along with any risks of tooth or root decay and gum disease. A general cleaning takes place, along with any potential X-rays.

Upon completion of your examination, your dentist will go over your oral health with you. Depending upon what was found during the examination itself, you will either be recommended for a follow-up examination or scheduled for your next routine cleaning in the following months.

Dentist Costs

It’s a good idea to budget for these costs ahead of time, but how exactly do you budget for your routine exams? Not to mention any post-exam work like cavities or tooth extractions?

On occasion, dentist offices will provide prices ahead of time for their oral care services. More often than not though, your out-of-pocket dental costs are dependent upon your insurance coverage.


Preventative care is typically covered at 100% with most insurance plans. For plans that don’t cover routine check-ups, you can expect average prices for common procedures as follows:

  • A general exam and cleaning can cost around $150.00
  • X-rays can start at $100.00
  • Crowns, depending on the material of the filling, start at a $500 minimum amount
  • A simple tooth extraction without surgical procedures can cost a minimum of $75.00
  • A root canal for an incisor typically runs around the $500.00 mark

Dental Health

While the above-listed prices are not necessarily a hard and fast rule, it is a good idea to keep in mind what your risk factors are and how often you go in for routine cleanings. With a general exam and cleaning costing around $250.00, and a recommended two-visit minimum per year, that amount can certainly add up.

One thing that can help is to be sure you choose a dentist within your network in order to avoid paying those pesky out-of-network costs. Another quick way to be sure you’re saving money on your annual visits.

For those in the Santa Cruz area, you can find more information on general dentistry services and preventive treatment options available, and how to keep your dentist cost amounts low.

A Healthy Smile

Dental health is an important part of your overall health, and a healthy smile is a priceless part of that.

There’s a reason your dentist tells you to brush twice a day and floss every single day. By making sure you’re completing these general dental hygiene steps, you are helping yourself stay healthy and keeping your future visit to the dentist costs low.

If you’re interested in other ways to keep yourself healthy, be sure to check out our Wellness page for additional tips and tricks.

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