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How Keshi Pealrs Are Formed and Tips to Take Care of Its Luster - Likeitgirl

How Keshi Pealrs Are Formed and Tips to Take Care of Its Luster

Keshi pearls are not strictly ‘cultured pearls’ according to industry standards because they are unintentional by product of culturing process. They are not actually nucleated.


How keshi pearls get formed?


When the grafter nucleates oysters and it starts to produce nacre in layers, a tiny piece breaks off inside the mollusk body. This broken piece also aggravates the oyster and it starts to form pearl sac around it. In this way, Keshi accidental pearls are created. Keshi pearls are formed in all kinds of pearl types. However, the saltwater pearls are smaller and more colorful than its freshwater cousins.


Keshi pearls are crafted beautifully and have an awesome iridescent luster. Women of all age can wear pearls. They are natural, versatile and available in variety of colors including white, peach, lavender and pink. Pearl jewelry is staple in each woman’s jewelry box. Click this link to get a view of the plethora of Keshi pearl jewelry designs.


How to take care of Keshi freshwater pearls?


To maintain the quality and luster of pearls, she must take a little care of them. Pearls are organic gemstones, which can get affected by hairsprays, perfumes, and cosmetic products. In addition, these delicate pearls must never be exposed to chemicals and acids. Wear the pearls, after you apply makeup and perfume.


Other precautions to take –


·         Pearl rings and bracelets are vulnerable to scratches, so remove these prior involving in laborious tasks, sports and bathing pets.


·         Perspiration can impact pearl surface luster, so after removing pearl jewelry wipe them gently.


·         Make sure not to scrub the pearls harshly or use rough brushes. Soft cloth or brush and mild soap can be used for cleaning.


·         Gentle cleaning movements are crucial even when you rinse the gentle soap away. Use mineral water because regular tap water has chemicals that can damage the surface. This action must be done quickly to minimize the exposure to water or soap.


·         Never use ultrasonic cleaners.


Storing of pearl jewelry is significant. Always make sure that you store pearl jewelry individually in soft pouch or cloth. It ensures that there will be no rubbing of pearls against one another, which can cause scratch marks. They must not be stored with other jewelry pieces or gemstones to avoid damage to its surface.


Keshi pearls are unique, lustrous and natural….take good care of them!

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