How is HATHA Yoga Beneficial in Day to Day Life

According to the western world, HATHA yoga is a type of mind-body exercise. Besides, this form of yoga has gained a wide popularity amongst the common people, athletes, and players and has been recently considered as an effective alternative to medicines in the world of medical science. If practiced regularly and in the proper manner, it has innumerable health benefits

Now the question arises that what HATHA yoga is all about? It basically involves the practice of certain physical postures in accordance with some breath usages that increases the level of focus up to an optimal extent. To be more precise, it connects the mind, spirit and body together making us a more complete being. It increases our body’s flexibility, agility and overall strength, more importantly it enhances our immune system, emancipating us from the clutches of unwanted ailments. In a nutshell, getting into the regular practice of HATHA yoga certainly imposes a host of health benefits. Some of the health benefits can be considered below.

  1. Clean and shiny skin: The regular practice of HATHA yoga shat KRIYA purifies the blood from deep inside. Besides the postures that are followed while doing it acts as detoxifying agents and flushes out the extra toxins from the body. Hence, enhancing the inner glow and luster of your skin.
  2. Increases the flexibility of your joints: HATHA yoga is certainly an effective mode of exercise when it comes to increasing the flexibility of your joints. It imposes a positive effect on multiple joints and thus leads to more agility and greater strength in them. Nowadays, most of the people are into a sedentary lifestyle which plays a significant role in weakening the joints and hence adding on its inflexibility. For getting rid of this HATHA yoga is probably the perfect solution. HATHA yoga doesn’t only provide the joints with greater flexibility and strength but also enhances the poise during your overall body movements.
  3. Makes you strong from inside: HATHA yoga is perhaps the only yogic exercise that makes you strong from inside. It ameliorates our core and helps us live a healthy and disease free life. The core of our body comprises the Abdomins, traverse, Obliques, erector Spinae and the lower rates. It is quite essential to have strong core, if the persons wants to excel in sports, keep injuries at bay and most of all want to display an impressive body. Some of the HATHA yoga poses like that of the downward dog, the boat posture and plank asana make the external Obliques of our core much stronger and healthier.
  4. Gives you a healthy heart: All of us have the longing to have a healthy heart. A painstaking and dedicated practice of HATHA yoga can certainly get you that. It helps reduce hypertension which is the primary cause of various heart ailments. Besides, it enhances the blood flow of our heart, keeping unwanted heart issues at bay.

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