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How eCommerce Photography Is Important In The Marketplace? - Likeitgirl

How eCommerce Photography Is Important In The Marketplace?

In every online business, product photography or eCommerce photography holds a very important position. Be it apparel shopping platform or online grocery buying in this lockdown period or any digital purchases, individual photos or images play a very quintessential role in making decisions. For an entrepreneur, it could be difficult to understand to settle for the best product photography pricing as per the marketplace and then decide the matter on which you would want to spend your limited budget. There is absolutely no formula to make your business successful, but we can work towards it.

To understand the importance of product photography and the crucial role of a product photographer and how you decide its worth, we have combined all of the important facts for your consideration for product photography pricing. Have a look:

  1. To understand the importance of eCommerce photography, a survey result had been released on eCommerce shoppers to understand the importance of photography in their purchasing decisions. More than 75% of respondents voted high potential of product photos over online platforms as very influential.
  2. More than 22% of online products claim for returns as “item looks different than the photos.” A good lifestyle photoshoot or eCommerce photography accurately represents individual products and save a lot of money and time while earning reliability.
  3. Whereas many product photographers may range from $75-$150 an hour, at Photostreets, there are professional product photographers that provide the best quality at an affordable price range.
  4. There are various online platforms who follow strict photography and content publishing rules; for instance, Amazon has white background rule for all images. Apart from Amazon, there are many reputed sites, which follow white background rule. Thus, 76% of product photos available online are on white backgrounds. But if you are looking towards building a new and unique online brand, there is room to use bright colours, lifestyle photography, attractive prints and exciting setting. But remember that white colour is just unavoidable when selling on marketplaces.
  5. In a survey, it has been noted that there is a 40% more probability of getting shared in social media if there is a visual content or attractive image attached to the product or service given. If you want to be accessible among more audience (for all the right reasons), quality photography is the key and influence a great amount of decision making.
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