Most people think that using the services of home visiting doctors is a bit expensive. However, many patients still prefer being checked by an on-call doctor due to the many benefits it offers. These doctors can attend to any minor medical ailments any time. 

Home doctors offer discreet, direct medical attention right at your home for different medical needs and conditions. Moreover, service providers like 13CURE are not only for the elderly; they can attend to any age that needs medical care. Below are the benefits of choosing an after-hours doctor instead of going to the emergency department for minor medical ailments. 

It is more convenient 

If the patient is in a major medical emergency, you must call the emergency services or go to the nearest emergency room. However, if it is not life-threatening, but the patient feels uncomfortable, then it is time to seek the help of an on-call doctor. 

With that in mind, calling a home doctor for minor medical attention means that you don’t need to travel to the nearest care clinic or emergency room. Furthermore, you don’t need to stay in a waiting room which causes more stress. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about conflicting schedules since most appointments are after hours. You will have access to a medical doctor anytime and any day throughout the year. 

Lesser chance of re-admission 

According to some studies, most patients who choose after-hours GPs or home visiting doctors have a lesser chance of going back to hospital beds. Given that their condition and symptoms are manageable, like in the case of a long-term disease or illness, having an after-hours doctor could save them from going back to the hospital after being discharged.  

Lesser stay in a long-term care facility 

Since on-call doctors can provide medical care right at the comfort of the patient’s home, their stay in a long-term care facility or rehabilitation centre can be shortened. The on-call doctor who will provide the needed medical care can discuss the earlier release times of the patient with the care staff. 

Good doctor-patient relationship 

Emergency departments have limited after-hours care, leaving patients with fewer choices when it comes to care providers. With this in mind, the doctor-patient relationship can be difficult to establish in this kind of setting. A good doctor-patient relationship plays an essential part when it comes to the patient’s health. 

It saves you money 

We all know that after-hours GPs are somewhat expensive. However, a trip to the emergency room and staying in a hospital bed are much costlier. Most doctors or service providers like 13CURE offer a bulk billing system. This way, you can call your doctor anytime without worrying about payment. Furthermore, they are covered by Medicare, so you can rest assured that someone will be handling your request regardless of your financial situation. 

You will never be exposed to other sick patients 

One of the disadvantages of visiting a doctor in a hospital is getting exposed to other ill patients who are possibly carrying disease-causing viruses and bacteria. This is not good for people with a weak immune system as the effects can be harmful for their health. 

Aside from these benefits, having a doctor who you can call anytime will give you the peace of mind that your health is secured. Moreover, being treated at home will help you recover faster as you would be comfortable with everything around you.

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