How do I consult a General Physician online?

In this pandemic time nobody likes to visit a doctor physically and therefore online consultation makes its place and importance in today’s life. You can consult online through doctor consultation app named Aayu App, it is doctor app which  provides facility to take online consultation as well as order medicine online from nearby trusted medical stores. 

How to consult general physician online:

To consult a general physician online, you can take consultation online. Doctor advice without seeing them physically is better for those who have to bear all expenses for issues that can be easily curable. You can consult a doctor online in these basic conditions, such as fever, abdominal pain, headaches, cold and cough. These are some of the issues in which you can consult with a general physician. 

How to take general physician consultation

  • Select category of general Physician for consultation and take free doctor consultation
  • Explain your concern and attach all required medical documents if required so the doctor can take a deep understanding of the case.
  • After this doctor is assigned to you. You can take online consultation doctor.
  • If any further issue occurs than you can take follow up.
  • You can get medicine delivered at home as prescribed by the doctor so also a medicine app.

Benefits of general physician online consultation:

  • You can have less chance to catch a new illness as you are not going to hospital where you may have infection chances.
  • Patients can visit online if he or she does not get satisfaction with physical consultation than patients can visit  online.
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