How Colour and Pattern Matters for Mens Suits?

Having a suit is a must for every man. The art of choosing the right style, colours, and patterns, however, is just not easy to master. Though style has changed a lot over time, there are some rules about colour and pattern that will always remain. If you need or want a collection of suits, read ahead for a few tips on making the right selections.

Colour Selection

Black, grey, and blue suits are staples of men’s fashion. Let’s look at each of these colours and how they can be useful.


These suits are generally for formal events and special occasions like weddings. In the business world, they are a power statement, giving off an air of authority and status. Unlike other colours, black suits can make younger men seem older as well.


If you are a young man, you should buy plenty of these men suits online. They are very trendy and can easily be combined with black and brown shades.


Navy blue is a stately shade, while lighter hues of blue can appear youthful. Blue suits are quite common, but younger men should stick to the deeper shades.

Other Colours

You can also have a brown suit or two for the workplace. Brown does not go out of style, regardless of the season. It was once considered too informal as office wear, but it has become more acceptable in the workplace now. Suits in white or other colours are best only for wedding parties and other special occasions.


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Pattern Selection

Some patterns can seem eccentric, but there are others that can be quite smart.


There are a few types of stripes with different effects. The classic one is pinstripes, the thin vertical stripes. These elongate the body visually, making you appear taller and slimmer, despite being subtle. Like the classic black suit, pinstripes are power statements.


Check patterns are not for formal or official occasions, but they can be ideal for a semi-formal party or special occasion.In addition to tartan or plaid, the Glen check is a popular pattern as it also includes stripes at various angles. Checks that are more spread apart with strong lines defining them are called the windowpane pattern.

Other Patterns

There are fewer common patterns that have some interesting effects. The herringbone and houndstooth patterns are made up of what look like arrowheads or saw teeth. These can look quite smart, but tend to be made from thick materials. There is also the nailhead pattern. This pattern is made up of tiny dots. The dots are subtle, generally being a shade or two lighter than the rest of the material.

When it comes to colours and patterns, it’s not just about the choice of suit. You also need to be able to match the shirt appropriately. Do not mix patterns, as this simply does always not work, but you can contrast pattern with plain. A patterned shirt is fine for a plain suit. For a formal look, darker suits look best with lighter shirts.

Bonus Tips:

Not only the colour or pattern the perfect fitted size matters for the mens suits. So, it will be the best if you can book a fitting before the final order placement. Some bespoke suits Sydney tailors offer virtual consultation to know more about your requirements.

You should now be well equipped to select the right colours and patterns of suits for your various needs.

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