How canvas mannequin head good for practicing hair techniques?

The canvas mannequin head is one of the best dolls for practicing hairstyle skills. Although there is no integrated wig, you can easily fix it with a T-pin and then make any hairstyle you want. Read on to learn about the other benefits of choosing a canvas head model for your beauty class.

Change the wig
As an aspiring future hairstylist, you may want to practice your skills on different types of hair. You may want to learn how to braid straight hair, how to turn curly hair into a bun, or how to make a compelling twist on curly hair. In addition, you may want to use threads of different densities, porosities, colors, and thicknesses, see how they perform, and learn how to take care of them.

If you buy a dummy with an integrated wig, unless you have enough money to buy more dummy, you can only work according to its hair type. Since the hair is injected into the doll’s head, you have no way to take it out and replace it. Buying more dolls may be a solution, but if you only buy a dummy and replace the wig, why do you spend so much money?

This huge advantage is provided by the canvas model, which does not have a wig, but allows you to place as many wigs as possible on it. The canvas doll is padded with soft cork, making it easy to inject T-shaped needles, helping to ensure victory. The hair clip fixes the hair system in place, so you don’t have to worry about the wig moving or accidentally falling off your head when you practice.

No installation and removal effort
You might think that removing the wig from your canvas mannequin takes a lot of time and effort. But in fact, it’s not. You will find it easy to use T-shaped pins, because you only need to inject the pins into the mannequin while penetrating the wig. Don’t forget that the cork is soft, so there is no need to push it vigorously or use a tool to twist it. Push it gently with your finger and the needle will go in. In order to securely fix the wig, you need to fix about 10 pins. The injection takes a few minutes. It takes the same amount of time to remove them.

It takes many hours of practice to master the job of a stylist. That’s why, you need a dummy head that can serve you for months or even years, and can resist negative factors. Due to its structure, the head of the canvas mannequin is almost impossible to be damaged, so its life span is prolonged. When using a plastic or glass mannequin, the biggest fear is to drop it on the floor, which will cause dents, cracks and scratches on its surface, making the mannequin weaker and uglier. Sometimes, it may even break under the pressure of impact and become unusable for further use.

The head of the canvas doll is not afraid of falling and violent kicking, because there is nothing to break inside. Imagine dropping a soft toy on a hard floor. Will it break? Will there be dents and cracks on its surface? Of course, no. It will remain intact. The same happens when the cork-filled mannequin touches the floor. Although fearless in the face of impact, there is one thing that can reduce the life of the canvas head-water. Unlike plastic, canvas is absorbent. So, if you let too much water into the cork without drying it properly, the damp cork will become a breeding ground for mold. Not only will it produce an unpleasant smell, it will also damage the structure of the mannequin within a few weeks, rendering it unusable. This is why you must use water reasonably to prevent it from being absorbed by the doll.

in conclusion
A canvas mannequin head is a good choice for hairdressing courses. It allows you to change more wigs and practice different skills. The combination of cork and cork makes the installation and removal of the wig easy. You only need to inject some T-pin wigs and they will be in place, ready for you. Canvas dolls are not subject to severe impact and can be used for several years, which is another reason why hairdressing students should choose them.

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