If you have a habit of under-washing your hair or using different styling products, you must have noticed white flakes on your scalp. You must have even wondered why your scalp is irritated. Well, the main reason behind this is the culmination of grime. Scalp build-up is recognized by a deposit of dust, dead cells, and residue of styling products and all these can make your head feel itchy and weigh down the rest of the hairs too.

Similar to face exfoliation, the scalp also needs exfoliation too. And undoubtedly, you must be looking for the best resolutions on How Do I Get Rid of Scalp Gunk. This post specifically focuses on how to get rid of your scalp buildup and make your head feel lighter than ever.

  • Don’t Forget to Wash Your Properly

Though there’s no fixed answer on how often you must wash your hair as the requirements differ for everyone, you will get a clue from your scalp to get another wash. Do check your hair at regular intervals of time by literally going in there and part your hair at different points throughout the head and look at the scalp.

In case you witness signs of buildup like overall gunk, oil, and flakes, it suggests that you need to edit your shampoo schedule. Scalp Gunk and Buildup Shampoo use herbs to break down buildup that can cause many different hair and scalp problems. Deeply cleanses the hair root with herbs to break down buildup without damaging the scalp.

  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar

We all are aware of the wonders of apple cider vinegar for your skin and overall health. You will be happy to know that it works great on your scalp too. The acidic content in the ACR helps a lot in breaking down the scum that settles down on the scalp. Make a combination of half beaker of cold water and a half cup of apple cider vinegar.

Once you are done with your shampoo schedule, apply the mix of apple cider vinegar and massage it slowly to get into the scalp properly. Let it for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse it with cold water.

  • Keep Your hair Detangled

Another best way to avoid scalp buildup is to prevent the formation of tangles and knots in your hair. You must be wondering how detangled hair leads to scalp buildup. It happens as knots add grime, dirt, and a shorts hook to hold to the hair. All these will eventually settle down to the scalp. You can prevent this by grooming your hair properly and by keeping its features as suave as they can be.

  • Try Using Scalp Scrub

We’ve also mentioned earlier that, like skin exfoliation, your scalp also needs exfoliation to exfoliate the residue and dirt that weighs down the hair. To make a perfect scalp exfoliation solution, get a combination of half cup of coarse sea salt and add 2 tbsp. or lemon juice and 2 tbsp. of olive oil.

Mix it well and massage the mixture with gentle hands-on the scalp and make sure to let it for half an hour. Do not forget to wash it off using Scalp Gunk and Buildup Shampoo or your preferred one and lukewarm water. The abrasiveness of the seal salt with the acidic content of lemon dislodges the buildup. The presence of olive oil ensures that it does not get dry too much.

Final Takeaway

Scalp buildup mainly happens because of the accumulation of too many substances on the scalp. And it is very common to get confused with dandruff as both situations have similar symptoms. Try to maintain healthy hair following the steps discussed above. It will also help you to maintain proper hygiene and care for your hair. And subsequently, it will prevent scalp buildup.

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