How Can You Keep Your Jewellery In The Best Possible Condition?

When you have bought some jewellery, you want to keep it in the best condition possible. This will mean that you can wear your precious jewellery for many years to come and it will still look exactly the same as when you bought it all those years ago.

How can you keep your jewellery in the best possible condition?

Don’t Buy Extremely Cheap Jewellery

Extremely cheap jewellery can be tempting, but a low price indicates that diamond jewellery is not very high-quality. You will be able to tell if a diamond is low-quality if you look at it through a jeweller’s microscope. The light will not be refracted through the cheap diamond and there will not be that many imperfections on the inside.

Buy more expensive jewellery in order to ensure that it will last for a long time and will stay in mint condition. Go to Your Diamond Guru to read reviews of quality jewellery.

Keep Your Jewellery In A Box

You need to store your jewellery correctly so that it will not become damaged at all. A sturdy jewellery box will not cost you a lot of money and you can buy ones that are beautifully embroidered with intricate patterns. These jewellery boxes can increase in value as well as the jewels that they are protecting.

Don’t Leave Jewellery Out On The Side

You should try not to leave your jewellery out on the side table when you take it off before going to bed. This could cause the jewellery to be buffed or scratched by the glass or wood that you have placed it on. Then your jewellery will not look as radiant as it did before.

Have The Jewellery Professionally Cleaned And Polished

There will come a time when your jewellery doesn’t look as radiant as when you first bought it. This is a problem that needs to be addressed. Go to a professional jeweller’s and have the jewellery cleaned and polished thoroughly. The jeweller will be able to use specialist chemicals which clean the jewellery thoroughly without causing it to become damaged.

Once the jewellery has been professionally cleaned with the specialist chemicals, it will look extremely radiant and will feel like a brand new piece of jewellery. Try out several different jewellers to see which one offers the best cleaning service.

Use Baking Soda And Water

Sometimes you will not have the time to take your necklace or rings to the jewellers in order to be completely cleaned. For silver, mix ¼ cup of baking soda with two tablespoons of water. Apply this mixture to the jewellery with a damp cloth and gently rub it before rinsing and buffing. Gold jewellery needs to be covered with baking soda and then a small amount of vinegar needs to be poured on top. The jewellery can then be rinsed clean.


Keeping your jewellery in top condition is not a complicated process at all, and there are many ways to achieve great results.

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