Double chin is a condition in which a layer of fat occurs below your chin. It not only because of overweight. Some genetic issues and hormonal disorders also become the cause of double chin. There are several exercises and workouts for the reduction of double chin fat. It is not scientifically approved that exercises help to get rid of double chin, but it is popular among people to sort out this issue. If double chin fat is because of genetic issues, then only exercises are not helpful in this condition. You need to consult with a physician and go for some facial therapy or treatment. There are a lot of facial therapies such as:

Heat or Laser Therapy:

This therapy is known as lipolysis. Heat or laser is used to remove the fat under the chin. It’s used to remove the fat. It does not remove the excessive skin. It will affect your skin through different side effects such as pain, swelling, and itching. Many states spa providing these therapies after your consultation with your doctors. Greenwich Spa provides many facial therapies and treatments to handle these kinds of issues of your facial skin.


Some dissolving elements or compounds inject through an injection to your face to get rid of this fat. It will help your body to resolve the fats. A certified drug uses in this therapy. Side effects of this therapy are swelling, pain, irritation and redness.

You can also get rid of your double chin by adding healthy items to your diet and by exercising regularly. Guidelines for a healthy diet plan or healthy eating are:

Add more vegetables in your daily meal.

Add more fruits in daily routine.

Avoid eating junk and processed food.

Try to reduce the quantity of sugar in your diet.

Use dairy products with low fats.

Exercises for Double Chin:

Jaw stretching: Stand straight and lift your head towards the ceiling of your roof. Push your lower jaw in a forwarding position to feel stretching in your neck.

Chew Gum:

Chew gum approximately all day if you can otherwise for two to three hours per day. It will keep your face in motion constantly and help to reduce the fat.

Neck Stretching:

Tilt your head toward the ceiling and try to pucker for example kissing to the ceiling. It will create a stretch in your neck muscles. After some time stop puckering and put your head back in normal position.

In case of exercise and proper diet do not add anything to get rid of double chin then consult with your physician and take some medical precautions.


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