How can you do Makeup like Professional? Makeup Artists Guide

Not everyone gives nature bright colors. Some people are embarrassed about their white eyebrows, some have short eyelashes while others try to shrink their lips in any way.

Faced with this widespread problem, every woman wants to know how to apply makeup at home to emphasize the benefits of looks and camouflage flaws. Of course, this does not mean the use of mascara and lipstick, it is limited to most sexual acts. Get perfect makeup by creating the latest products in the modern beauty industry and just follow these makeup rules the best makeup artists.

Use Essential Cosmetics:

First and foremost, you need to decide your makeup needs yourself: you need to classify and update your makeup sets completely. This does not mean you have to go to the store to buy the 50 types of makeup brushes. Leave them 5-6, but you should use them actively and not collect dust on the shelf.

Think about it and analyze which of the following is useful to you and you will certainly never use it. Only go to the store after adjusting our list.

For Skin:

The method of covering skin imperfections:

  • Glitter / Glitter / Glitter makeup at home
  • Hide / Fix
  • Substrate / makeup base / makeup base makeup – an important tool for ideal makeup
  • Spherical, crunchy or purple powder
  • Bronze / marker only for festivals, light makeup
  • Blush
  • Cream or powder foundation, depending on skin type

Check each product for more detailed information to see if it should be used for home decor. For example, from cosmetics that contain reflective particles, it is enough: bronze. You never have to combine them. The same goes for flashes and streaks.

For Eyes:

The most difficult thing to do with homemade makeup is to color the close-set eyes well, which requires special care. To do this, you may need to:

  • Eyeliner: pencil / marker / eyeliner / felt tip – it is better to choose one thing, its color and the brightness of the bar are different
  • Shadows: the richer the palette, the clearer the images you can create with its help
  • Mascara

The smallest amount of eye makeup is not enough for home makeup in this area of ​​the face. Therefore, be prepared to test makeup at this time.

For Eyebrows:

The most common mistake women make when making homemade cosmetics is to ignore the role of eyebrows in imaging. But on their own, they can open or open their eyes, hide age-related ptosis, or emphasize the natural clarity of their appearance. Therefore, carefully choose cosmetics for them:

  • Eyeliner: pencil / marker / eyeliner / felt tip
  • Continuous coloring does not get you eyebrow colored every day
  • Lipstick, powder or wax has two functions: covering the right shade and naughty hair
  • Only colored shadows and mascara

There are many cosmetics for eyebrow makeup, but you just have to choose the least amount you want to spend.

For Lips:

Men call lips one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s face, so you have to address them at home. Although the choice of cosmetics here is small:

  • Ointment
  • Shine
  • Pencil

These cosmetics can help you put together light and beautiful at home without the participation of professionals. All factors must be taken into consideration when choosing: the color palette must match your color type, consistency with skin properties and contour thickness to hide the occurrence of errors.

You may need to try other options, but in the end you will certainly form your own beauty bag. And don’t forget to add some tools.

The Accessories:

Using your fingertips and applicator on your makeup is not enough to do your own makeup. You will have to expand this list, making interior design professional.

The makeup artist recommends the following methods:

  • Foam, felt or latex applicator – necessary to apply the shade
  • Brushes: fan, oval, puki cabaret, double fiber, dome shaped, flat, natural or artificial laminate – choose according to the cosmetics you intend to use in homemade makeup
  • The sea fungus is hypoallergenic and helps to apply the foundation perfectly
  • Tweezers for eyebrow correction
  • Breathing / sponge
  • Pencil tips specially designed for this purpose: ordinary pencil tips do not work
  • Brush to form the eyebrows
  • Cilia curl

To make yourself at home, you must learn to understand these tools and choose some for regular use. If you are limited to the applicator and fingers, do not expect perfect makeup as only brushes and sponges can apply the product to the skin to give it a natural look. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating masks with different layers of makeup, which can cause confusion, but not admiration.

After picking up your cosmetic bag, choose which style instruction to follow.

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