Online casinos have become incredibly popular over recent years. Nowadays casinos are available in almost every country throughout the world. That being said, each individual casino functions differently due to the variation of laws and regulations that each country has when it comes to both physical and online gambling. 

Read on as we look closely at how online casinos operate in different markets.

Regulated Casino Markets

In the regulated online casino markets, there are strict regulations that vary according to the country of operation. These markets are regulated by government legislation and operate under the control of the respective gambling authorities and work through independent casinos on and similarly listed sites. They also have various protections in place for the players, and specific government laws exist to safeguard gamblers and their money.

Aside from the laws, there are various national helplines and support services for players who struggle with problem gambling, something not seen in the unregulated markets.

Advantages of Regulated Casinos

Regulated Casinos offer multiple benefits over unregulated casinos. Some of these include:

  • Laws preventing problem gambling
  • Laws against exposure of children and adolescents to gambling
  • Advertising regulations to protect susceptible populations
  • Protocols for player verification
  • Services for self-exclusion like Gamstop
  • Helplines for customer support and psychological support
  • Verified licensed status from the government

Unregulated Casino Markets

The unregulated casinos or “casinos without a license” are not really unlicensed. While it is certainly possible for some casinos to function illegally without a license, this term is most commonly used in Europe or the United States to refer to casinos that do not have a license from these countries. 

Instead, these countries may have licenses from off-shore countries like Sweden, Malta, Curacao, etc. It is because a casino cannot properly function without a license. Many vital operations, like accepting payments from gamblers, are dependent on a valid license.

Advantages of Unregulated Casinos

These casinos are also known as Non-UK or Non-Gamstop casinos and are equally secure options for online gambling and playing 7 card stud poker games as well as roulette and other well loved games. In some cases, they offer better advantages to the players. Some of these include:

  • Bigger welcome bonuses
  • Better deposit bonuses
  • No requirement for player verification
  • No requirement for account creation
  • Acceptance of payment methods not allowed at regulated casinos, like cryptocurrency.
  • Ability to play while Gamstop break is active

Illegal Casinos

Illegal casinos are also available everywhere. These casinos operate without any licenses from government authorities and, as such, escape all forms of regulation. While these casinos seemingly offer good benefits, we recommend avoiding these casinos altogether because of the risk associated with them. These casinos do not have any player protection regulations in place and, therefore, you and your money might not be entirely safe. The customer service is also unreliable in most cases.

Which Casino Should You Choose?

The choice of casinos to play should be made after careful evaluation. Before coming to a decision, make sure to read user reviews online with a special focus on comments related to customer assistance, payout rates, possible transaction issues, etc. We recommend playing at the regulated casinos since they offer unmatched player protection. If you feel that these casinos are not for you, you can always go with unregulated or Non-UK/Non-US casinos after due research.

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