How Can Astrology Influence Your Life

As much as the seasoned scientists can argue about how astrology doesn’t work, the followers of astrology will always find assertions to point the importance of astrology in human life.

While the scientists prove that planets and stars positions can affect the climate and nothing more, the believers put forth the reality behind horoscope and zodiac signs and how the planetary positions at the time of birth can define an individual’s life’s journey.

The stigma attached to astrology is now in the retrograde (pun intended) owing to the growing culture for online astro help, brought into effect by the young generation.

Interconnection between Astrology and Human Life

Astrologers work on the belief that the planetary positions at the time of birth affect a person’s life in a wide ranging manner and the next gen astrology is focused on giving people what they need the most at the darkest hour in their lives- Reassurance. In the difficult times reassurance and encouragement that comes from the positive words of the astrology guide serves as a safety blanket to provide the much needed comfort when an individual is feeling the most vulnerable.

The blend of stress and uncertainty of the future can give rise to an illness and an astrology reading can be the perfect treatment for this ailment, since it offers comfort in the possibility of a better future and that bad times are not forever, which can prove to be the much needed affirmation and motivation in a moment of crisis, laying emphasis on the importance of astrology in human life.

The planetary positions on the date of birth can determine their zodiac signs which describe the different personality traits of individuals. Not to mention, every individual- even if they don’t believe in astrology, knows their zodiac signs.

The exact time and place added to the date of birth can help in creating the birth chart reading which can guide an individual through different phases in their lives and the astrology reading of the birth chart is used to create horoscopes- Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly; generalized (based on zodiac signs) and personalised(based on birth chart reading).

How can astrology influence your life?

Astrology is science based the position of stars and planets around the sun and the alignment between the planets and stars can guide the occurrences in our lives.

Millennials are using astrology in three ways to find the impact of planetary positions in their lives and the world around them, increasing the importance of astrology in their lives.

Natal chart predictions

The Natal astrology or the birth chart reading is the most popular way of using astrology that makes use of the planetary positions at the time of birth of an individual to define their personality and predict the major changes that the person may face in their life. The natal chart prediction prepared by a learned astrologer having expert knowledge about the nakshatras and houses, can prove to be a guide for your lifetime.

Many cultures use the natal chart predictions at the time of birth of a newly born child to be forewarned about the challenges that the child may have to face in his life so that they can be forearmed to deal with the problems. These readings reveal the personality and character of an individual along with their innate talents and areas of expertise, which guides in deciding the probable career path of that individual.

Horary astrology predictions

The Horary predictions are the horoscopes that are based on the current planetary positions. The importance of horary astrology is much hyped because it is more of a situation based horoscope reading. In moments of confusion when you are looking for answers to the immediate situations, the Horary horoscope can come as a  guiding light. This part of astrology is deemed to be the most complicated and only a few expert astrologers can deal with this field with accuracy.

Mundane Astrology predictions

The mundane astrology is a different type of astrology reading that is not connected with any individual in particular, but to the things and events surrounding them. Majorly used for predictions of rains, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods.

The importance of astrology readings on our lives is not restricted to the above mentioned fields has a wide spectrum of applications. Horoscope and zodiac signs facilitate the predictions and guidance about marriage predictions, love compatibility, career predictions, health issues etc.


The debate about the significance of astrology in our lives is never ending and people from different backgrounds have varying views on this issue but the reality remains iced that the position of planets and stars and their alignments impact our lives. Tarot life– an astrology and tarot reading app is your best guide to astrology predictions, assisting people with their birth chart report, timeline report and love compatibility. Tarot Life also ventures in the mystical world of tarot card reading and numerology, helping its users in choosing the right path for their life.

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