How can a Business Benefit from Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography provides a bird’s eye view of a site or location on the ground, as photographs are taken from the inside of a rocket, aircraft, or spacecraft. Some also use drone technology to capture the images. If you’re wondering if your business can benefit from Austin aerial photography services, here are some ideas that you can explore.

Real Estate Companies

If you run a real estate firm, you’ll benefit from the use of aerial photographs. The images allow realtors to capture the shape, size, and layout of a home. In the past, it’s been challenging to take a photograph of properties with expansive grounds. Aerial photos are able to capture those details and provide potential sellers or buyers with the materials they need to either encourage a sale or give the buyers more information about the home they want to buy.


Sun, sand, and sea—resorts can use those picture-perfect images in their advertising materials to promote their resorts. Aerial shots make it easy for them to entire potential guests as it shows off their impressive outdoor amenities. Prospective clients take one look at those images and see what they’ll be paying for, from the lounge and massage areas to the pool, bedrooms, lobby, private beach, and more.

Aerial drone photography

Healthcare Facilities

Prove patients with a bird’s view of your facility. Maps will work too, but an overall photo of your facility and grounds will also contribute to your promotional efforts. Using the right images will help build an excellent impression on patients.

Construction Sites

If your work is in the field of construction, photos of your construction sites can help you build up your online portfolio. You can also use the images to provide updates to your clients and show them proof that the work is on schedule, the Construction World says. Hiring the pro will also help capture details that matter to your client or benefactors, making them happier or getting you more funding and support. The images also help you talk about the project and work out possible options if your client wants some changes.

Marketing and Branding

A marketing and branding service firm can use aerial photography to promote client businesses. Whether your client is in construction, healthcare, resorts, and hospitality or in real estate, there are plenty of uses and applications that aerial photos are ideal for. Look for companies that utilize the visual appeal and data collected through the photographs.

Event Coverage

Aerial photos are also fast becoming a staple in many events. If your firm offers event management services or you cover special events, such as weddings, celebrations, reunions, and more, reach out to a photography studio and ask about aerial photographs. Some use drones to capture a shot of the surrounding areas. Those who work in the film industry or those who cover sporting or public events will also find plenty of uses for photographs taken while in the air, The Balance says.

Search and Surveillance

Home and commercial security companies can also use drones to capture images and live video footage of a home intrusion. They can also be used to assess your property and detect possible safety risks and threats, giving you time to fix them.


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