In the ongoing coronavirus COVID19 pandemic, the need of the hour is to stay healthy and pathogen-free. You must follow the SMS- social distancing, mask-wearing and sanitization procedure. In addition to it, another effective means of killing or weakening the virus is to expose them to UV light. If you can get a portable UV light, it will be helpful to you in various means.

How can UV kill or weaken pathogens?

Pathogens are everywhere. They can be bacteria, fungi and viruses. One of the common aspects between all these pathogens is that they all contain DNA or RNA as their genetic material. Therefore, if you can introduce a mutation in these nucleic acids, it can lead to altered activity, weakening and even killing the pathogen. UV creates cross-linking and breaks in the nucleic acids and is an effective means to kill the pathogen. However, you need to keep in mind that your genetic material is also DNA. If you are exposed to UV radiation for a long time, you might also develop mutations and other harmful effects. If you use UV light for disinfection, make sure that you have a UV protective shield to protect you from it.

Benefits of a portable UV light

If you get a portable UV light, it can be helpful to you in various ways. These lamps are small in size, and you can easily carry them in your pockets. If you go out of your house, you can UV sterilize any object you will contact. You can sterilize your tables, seats, or any street handles. However, remember not to sterilize your food with UV since UV also reacts with proteins in the food, which might decrease its nutritional value or give rise to potentially harmful products in the food.

The need for a protective shield

If you want to buy a portable UV lamp, you must check whether you get a protective shield along with it. You must never expose yourself to UV light. Whenever you irradiate a place or an object, you should have the shield in front of you. This move will help you to remain healthy.

UV irradiation is one of the quickest and most effective means of disinfecting a place or an object. Almost all living organisms are affected by it, and the smaller microorganisms are more adversely affected. Carry and use a portable UV lamp wherever you go.

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