House of Graceful Half Day Sailing – St Thomas

St Thomas is marked to be one of the most beautiful islands, all surrounded by water and best for vacations.  The absolute beauty of it lies in the sparkling turquoise water which can be witnessed and explored through half day sails on a dinghy, ship or cruise depending on your choice of tour.

It gives a beautiful new angle to view the island in a great way and perhaps boat trips are highly recommended to make the visitors stay in St Thomas an amazing one.

There being a lot of options to get in the waters for a mesmerizing Virgin Islands view comprise of sail boats, large and small power boats, cruises or catamaran trips.

To have all neighboring islands in view including St Thomas, it’s no surprise to refer St Thomas as the sailor’s paradise.

The main questions that come across the minds of a visitor on their half day sail in St Thomas vacation are guided as follows:

How To Go For Half Day Sails In St Thomas?

It will be commonsense to answer “how” with a “sailboat” but to think of it logically, a visitor should consider which kind of sailboat – the itineraries and inclusions offered – to help them make a decision about the best St Thomas sail for them.

Check for the sail that accommodates the group size of your trip so that every person on the trip has a good sailing experience. Next, it depends on the group’s interest if they prefer a private or public half day sail.

Money also plays its part on how you go for your half day sail in St Thomas. Is your budget is enough to have an all inclusive sail or what inclusions can you afford to add on the boat?

If you want to snorkel you might need a snorkel gear on the half day sail. Generally your sail might include a bar but you can add a full lunch on your half day sail as well.

Where To Go For Half Day Sails In St. Thomas?

Deciding where to go on a half day sail needs smartness as you’ve to prioritize where you want to go in a very less amount of time. To choose sailing destinations in Virgin Islands, you can consider the snorkeling spots in St Thomas or beach stops for a safe swim.

St Thomas is the ultimate stop for snorkeling whereas St Thomas is ideal for its swim spots. Either you can opt for a wet and wild adventurous experience or you can choose to have a romantic and calm sail into the sunset. But you may think that a half day sail in St Thomas is always worth it!

When To Go For Half Day Sails In St. Thomas?

There’s a variety of time frames to choose your half day sail slot. Sailing charters like jester Sailing Adventure offer a range of both full and half day sails in St Thomas and St Thomas. Although the timings differ and base on the destination but generally half day sails are for around 3-4 hours long as compared to the 6-9 hour long full day sails.

If you have to get the most out of a half day sale you can take a private sail which will be departing mid day or as per your flexibility. One factor that alters the half day sail timings includes the weather conditions and the time of year, in order to achieve safe sails.


Final Verdict:

There is nothing as beautiful as witnessing the Virgin Islands from your sailing yacht or catamaran. Some of the best sailing destinations like St Thomas or St Thomas provide their visitors with the best half-day sails on water.

To book from the best sailing charters like jester you can head on to their page to know their sailing plans and itinerary that they offer in St Thomas or St Thomas. You can ask them any questions or queries that you have in mind to get the local insight and make your dream vacation come true!

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