Hosting Out of Town Guests: Consider These Atlanta Wedding Tips

If you are planning a wedding party with out-of-towners coming in from different cities, you will know exactly how dreary it could be for you. Having guests can either be a joyful idea or a challenging one, depending on who they are and their number. They could pose to be wedding helpers or just a source of distraction from your to do wedding list.

While your wedding day has to be all about you (the blushing new bride and your to be husband), it is crucial that you put some thought into what you can really do to accommodate and make your out-of-town guests comfortable in the best ways. Considering this fact from the beginning of your wedding planning process will help to make your wedding more fun, filled with exciting stories for your guests to take back with them. Be aware that in order to have traveling guests who are happy, you will need to focus on some strategic planning.

Tip: If you have enough resources/money, you can outsource this to professionals like wedding decorators in Atlanta who can make things easier for you.

Here are some tips on how you can host your out-of-town guests at your grand wedding in Atlanta.

The Venue

It is advisable that you consult event management experts in your area such as Let’s Celebrate Events to give you a detailed idea of the best venues suitable for large gatherings. You can consider looking into one of the many hotels in Atlanta, most of which feature beautiful ballrooms, a skilled kitchen and wait staff who are familiar with how successful wedding receptions should be.  Also, keep the transportation factor in mind. Choose a venue that is closer to where the guests stay so they will not have to worry about how to attend your wedding ceremony.

Arrange Welcome Bags

These days, it is a thoughtful trend to provide boxes, baskets and some bags of goodies to out of town that comes to attend the wedding. You can seek the help of your wedding decorators in Atlanta to hand over these bags to the guests upon their check-in or place them on their tables. There are endless options when it comes to what to include in those bags, so consider your budget. Some ideas include pocket maps of fun things to do and see in Atlanta, water bottles, Atlanta Now Magazine, individually wrapped gums, mints, or snacks, coca-cola products, custom CDs, Atlanta postcards, or mini champagne bottles.

Evening Entertainment

When the time for the main event approaches, you may have plenty of things to fuss over, but out-of-town may not. A tip is to consider is not to leave them in the lurch with nothing to indulge or do during the event. If most of your guests arrive before the night of the ceremony, you can suggest some ways keep them amused while you prepare for the rehearsal dinner. You can ask your wedding decorators to help your family host a pizza or backyard barbecue party to ensure your guests have a great time together. For guests who like to entertain themselves, you can keep a supply of food from your favorite shops and restaurants as a thoughtful gesture.

Consider the Seating Arrangement

During the event to ensure your guests have a great time together, you can arrange their seating closer to people they know. This helps to keep them well entertained as they can chat with their friends sitting closer to them. You can ask your event planners to arrange elegant looking tables with some cute decorations like tiny figurines, floral arrangements, and more.

Live Entertainment

If you want to be a great host out of town guests can remember, you can also think about arranging some live entertainment. This can include some options like a live band, concert, or a photo booth. These days, photo booths are exciting entertainment options for guests. You can have this with different props and more to give your guests a great time.

Pay Attention to the Décor

When guests come from different cities or other countries to attend your event, surely you would want to give them the best time of their vacation! What better way to accomplish this than by paying attention to your venue décor. Ask your event planners to set up balloon decorations, floral arrangements, and pay attention to other elements to ensure your guests have a great time attending the party.

Hosting a party for out of town guests is not something impossible. You just need to hire the right professionals, work with them along each step of the way to make sure they arrange things in the best ways to keep your guests hooked on to the event.

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