Both dry and wet coughs are some of the most annoying and troublesome ailments that people usually experience. Many people with cough tend to incline towards prescription drugs or cough suppressant syrups; however, most of them have potential side effects.

This is where natural treatments and home remedies come handy.

Let’s take a look at following home remedies for cough that you can use to get instant relief without any adverse effect.


If you have ever noticed your cough and associated symptoms easing as you sip a hot coffee or enjoy a steamy bath, then you know the significance of humidity. Humid air reduces irritation, soothe inflamed areas and helps to break up congestion.

You can create this home remedy by using a humidifier or in a steamy bathroom. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions to clean and use a humidifier to avoid the growth of mold, which itself is a trigger of coughing.

Warm Liquids

Warm liquids help relieve cough and sore throat by decreasing congestion and relaxing the smooth muscles of the upper respiratory tract. During active cough, you may find warm fluids like warm water, clear broths, and herbal teas comforting during this time.

Take plenty of warm liquids and consult your doctor if you don’t notice any improvement in your cough even after a week.

Peppermint and Ginger Syrup

This homemade cough syrup has strong soothing powers of ginger and peppermint. It is not only helpful in relieving wet cough secondary to lung infections, but also reduce the intensity and frequency of dry coughs like in asthma.

Add 1 cup of honey in 4 cups of warm water. Add one tablespoon of chopped peppermint and three tablespoons of chopped ginger into the concoction. Drink this fluid 2 to 3 times a day or whenever you feel like an itch or dryness starting to creep up.

Zinc Lozenges 

Sucking on a cough drop or lozenge may help alleviate the constant tickle of a cough. Some research suggests that lozenges with zinc may help combat the underlying causes of a cough and sore throat. Of note, the lozenges only work if they contain at least 18 milligrams of ionic zinc. Read labels carefully as only a few of the zinc lozenges provide this level of the mineral.

Eucalyptus oil

With its inherent healing energy and soothing properties, eucalyptus oil helps treat dry coughs. You can use eucalyptus oil to decongest your throat and lungs. This oil not only treats any underlying infection but also promotes vitality.

Tea Made from Marjoram

Marjoram is known for its potent expectorant properties. It is a type of oregano that acts as an anti-inflammatory chemical and help reduce inflammation and swelling. It can also relieve the pain and itch from a dry cough.

To make this home therapy, boil some water and add some marjoram leaves in it. Filter the leaves and enjoy three times a day for better results.

Hopefully, these natural treatments and home remedies can provide you relief from dry and productive cough. However, remember that these home remedies for cough can be an added measure but not a definitive solution for a persistent or recurring cough. If your cough does not improve after 2-3 weeks, make sure you consult your doctor for his expert advice.

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