Home Cinemas Don’t Get Much Better Than This…

Creating your own home cinema system is arguably one of the best things to increase the value of your home. Here is an example installation completed by renowned home cinema installation experts Custom Controls to let you know how your own system would look if you decided to install one in your home. As you can see, they have managed to create a spectacular entertainment space that will provide many hours of entertainment.

You don’t necessarily need a big room to fit in a home cinema like this. This particular cinema room was built in a 6 by 5 metre room. Custom Controls managed to install a large 150-inch wide projector, which is around 4 metres, and we believe that it offers a truly amazing visual experience that few other projector screens can match. The projector is a Sony VPL-VW760ES 4k projector, which comes with a huge 2,000 lumens to give fantastic picture clarity.

Custom Controls have made use of Anthem ARC software as part of this system, which means it is possible to have the full room EQ managed and calibrated automatically to maximize your enjoyment. We feel that this really produces a revolutionary audio experience that few other systems can match.

For comfort, the owner of the home cinema decided to install two rows of chairs in the room. There are individual chairs installed in the front row of the cinema. For those who wish to lounge around, there are two seat sofas in the back row. To hold your food and drink, you will notice that there are tables between the seats.

A Lighting Control system is also made use of. The system is able to automatically control the lamps in the room at the correct level, so you don’t need to fiddle around trying to get the correct lighting.

The acoustics are cutting edge in this home cinema installation. Custom Controls installed a full acoustic fleece wrap on each wall of the cinema room, before adding a second top layer of fabric to the wall. The aim of this is to improve the sound that little bit more.

This cinema room was installed by the in-house cinema design team at Custom Controls. If you would like a system in your home, we would recommend you contact them for advice about installing one in your home.

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