Holiday Season: How You Can Style Your Hijab at the Beach

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In the peak of summer and holiday season, many hijabis are simply planning a trip to the beach, while some are worried about how they should manage and style their hijab for beach day. Well, worry no more as we’re here with the best tips that’ll make sure you hit the beach in style and have lots of fun!

Simple But Modest Swimwear

Let’s start with the basic stuff first. For those of you who don’t have too much time to devote to styling your hijab and want something basic and simple, there’s the burkini. You can wear it at the beach and even go swimming in it, without the stress of it sticking to your body. It’s simple, convenient and usually comes with a matching head covering. If you want, you can wrap your hijab around it as well for more coverage or even wear a bandanna for some swag.

Find Your Perfect Look

Now for those who want to do something more stylish, remember that if you’re going someplace warm then you must avoid unnecessary layers as the beach trip is all about relaxation, which won’t be possible unless you are comfortable. I’m sure you know that your outfit is as important as your hijab. So make sure that you choose colours which give a well coordinated look. If you’re ok with wearing leggings then they are a great choice for the beach and look great with a matching hijab and a contrasting shirt or tunic.

On the other hand, if you want something which isn’t too body-hugging then maxi skirts and even maxi dresses look great on a sunny day at the beach. I also suggest all my hijabi friends to take some beach cover up with them for an even more stylish and modest look; it can be a light cardigan and kimono, or even a simple oversized shirt that you like. Recently, I’ve also become a fan of wearing Aladdin pants that match your hijab to the beach as I feel they’re really relaxing, look elegant and you can even go for a swim in them.

Accessories Are Your Best Friend

When it comes to accessorising you hijab for the beach, it’s best to keep it minimal. If you can find a hat that’s the same colour as your hijab then trust me, it gives a fabulous look, especially when worn with a skirt. Otherwise you can go with some simple flower accessories and sunglasses, that’s all you’ll need. Just don’t forget, the simpler your accessories, the lighter and comfortable you’ll feel.

Be Prepared

Always remember that the beaches can get pretty windy so it’s a good idea to wear your under-scarf, as this will help keep your hijab in place, all day long. When it comes to the perfect hijab style for the beach, my personal favourite is the turban style as it looks super trendy and will keep all, or at least most of your worries away. If you don’t want your neck to show, you can also wrap a scarf around it. When it comes to the right material of hijab for the beach, choose one that is neither too thick nor too thin. Such fabrics may include rayon, jersey and cotton as they’ll keep you cool, comfortable and are less likely to give you any trouble in staying covered.

At the end I’ll just say that be creative with what you wear to the beach and do take some time out to make an effort into your hijab as you never know how many hijabis you’ll be inspiring. I hope you have a great time at the beach and realise that it’s actually pretty easy to be a hijabi and look beautiful at the beach.


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