It is a great season to travel—not too hot, not too cold. The perfect weather, if I may take the liberty to say. This is the time when the hills are beautiful and green with a slight chill in the air. Many hill stations are witnessing magnificent rains that will soothe your souls like nothing else. There are many advantages of taking short trips to the hills in this weather and we have listed some of the major ones for you:

  1. Greenery

Nowadays, even greenery has become a luxury. With the overwhelming increase in infrastructure and the subsequent pollution and population rise, it has become difficult to enjoy nature’s bounty as it was meant to be. This is the reason why hill stations become the perfect destination. One can enjoy and take pleasure in different shades of green found here.  

  1. Homestays

It is trending to convert beautiful properties into homestays, and many property-owners in the hills are practising this. It not only provides a great refuge for travellers but also helps the people to earn some money. Homestay in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and other hill stations are known for their quaint, comfortable and peaceful surroundings. Another great thing about these homestays is that they’re affordable and provide a homely experience to the guests without the ostentatious hassles of a hotel. The owners of the homestays are very sweet and cordial—some even planning itinerary for their visit.

  1. Mental peace

There are days when we just want to leave our city-lives and focus on our mental health and peace.  The constant honking of cars, screaming of people, crowd on streets and the general stress and pressures of work and life can get exhausting over an extended period of time. Even if you are absolutely fine physically, if your mental health is suffering, it can become a major cause for concern. Hence, in today’s age and day, we must recognize the vital role our mental health plays in the daily flow of things and our lifestyle. To give ourselves a much-needed break from our hectic routines, it is always a great idea to travel to the hills where everything is much quieter and slower.

  1. Affordable

Another great aspect about hills are that they’re not very expensive. Less commercial towns in hills have great homestays and offer a wonderful vacation at minimal prices. One can plan a road trip to the hills from the capital and can save a lot of money which would have been spent, had it been a beach location, far away.

  1. Clean environs

This is especially for people who are struggling with respiratory problems or infectious cold and viral infections. Hills are known for their clean and pollution-free environment and one can choose a good and breezy homestay to reap the benefits of this kind of an atmosphere. In the lap of nature, where the surrounding is green and clean, both the mental and physical health of the individual will prosper. Homestays like Himalaica are also great for coming with friends and indulging in group activities and long treks. After all, what better place to be in when meeting and catching up with friends and family than a homely and beautiful homestay right in the middle of heaven?

Do not wait too long. Just plan something with your friends, family or loved ones, and map out something immediately! It is time we treat ourselves with some travelling and peace in the hills—away from the rigmarole of the city life.

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