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New York Credit Card Surcharges Getting a Green Light

Merchants and the New York State have agreed to dismiss the lawsuit concerning the ban over credit card transactions. If you want to know more details and need exceptional high risk credit card processing, just follow the lines below.

High Risk Credit Card Processing

Commercial cards make up just a fraction of the B2B payments industry. However, fintech companies, banks, and other firms in the financial field arestill working on finding better methods to increase the number of people adopting this type of payments.

Some of the companies in the fintech field aim at introducing new solutions tofacilitate the process of accepting cards. There’re also companies collaborating on corporate card products that provide end-user experience augmentation.

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Credit Card Surcharges

In January of 2013,merchants were given the right to add surcharges or “checkout” fees. This followed a lawsuit filed against card issuing companies and banks. 2019 started with updates to the world of payment cards. Maybe this would put an end to the long-running litigation over credit card surcharges in New York.

Merchant plaintiffs and the New York Statehave recently filed motions in a federal appellate court. The purpose was to dismiss the merchants’ challenge to the state’s law putting a ban on credit card surcharges. This way, surcharges will be added when merchants post total prices for credit card purchases in dollars and cents.

On the whole, the action implies another big state’s surcharge ban while other bans are being eliminated in Florida, Texas, and California. Now, you can find such bans only in 6 states.

So, credit card surcharges in the State of New York are allowed to be added as merchants and the state agree to dismiss the lawsuit.

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