High-Estrogen level in men: Symptoms you should never ignore

Are you perplexed to hear about the production of estrogen in men? If your answer is yes, then put an end to your doubt. Not only women, men can also make estrogen hormone in their bodies. It’s well known that estrogen is a female hormone and testosterone is a male hormone. Although they are known as sex hormones, both the hormones can be found in both men and women.

Well! If men have elevated estrogen levels in their bodies, it can affect their good health as well. We already know how the increased levels of testosterone in men and estrogen in women can affect the body.

The latest advances in technology have made us understand the importance of estrogen in men. Its presence in the body of men helps to regulate testosterone, cardiovascular functions, skin health, bone health, sexual function, and cholesterol function to name a few.

Now, read this article to find out the symptoms caused due to high estrogen level in the body:

Symptoms of high-estrogen level in men:

The estrogen hormone is important for sexual growth and development. If estrogen level increases, the testosterone level decreases hence, the symptoms of high estrogen levels are often accompanied by testosterone symptoms. Since both testosterone and estrogen symptoms look similar, it’s difficult to differentiate between both. Well! Here we have listed out a few common symptoms of high estrogen in men. Just read on!

1) Loss of muscle mass due to muscle weakening and shrinking

2) Excess abdominal fat

3) Lower urinary tract symptoms with benign prostatic hyperplasia

4) Enlarged breast (Gynecomastia)

5) Fatigue

6) Emotional disturbance, mainly feeling depressed

7) Erectile dysfunction

8) Onset of type2 diabetes

Higher estrogen levels will put men at serious risks of developing diabetes, prostate cancer and autoimmune diseases. If you are experiencing any of the above-listed symptoms, consult a doctor for examination and blood tests. Based on your test report, the doctor may prescribe medications, suggest surgery or will encourage you to change your diet to lower estrogen levels. Order prescription drugs online from the best online pharmacy store in India and get your medicines delivered right at your doorstep.

What causes high estrogen level in men?

Many factors can throw estrogen levels out of control. Here, you can check out a few causes that can make your estrogen hormone go imbalanced:

1) Ageing:

As we old, the estrogen level increases with a decrease in testosterone levels. Ageing can also cause the aromatase enzyme to convert testosterone to estrogen. The higher intake of processed foods, alcohol, certain medications and increased presence of body fat can boost aromatase enzyme in the body. Hence, older men have more estrogen than postmenopausal women.

2) Testosterone therapy:

Men who have less sexual drive often have low testosterone in the body. To bring their hormone level back, the doctor suggests taking testosterone. These hormone supplements increase aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen in the body. It’s always good to find out the exact cause of low testosterone levels in the body before starting any treatment as testosterone therapy may increase the levels of estrogen.

3) Stress:

Intake of carbohydrate-rich foods can increase body fat. This can cause an increase in aromatase enzyme and body fat, which leads to weight gain and boosts estrogen levels in men.

Do I need to check my hormone levels?

Yes! Hormonal imbalances are now a global concern. Go for a regular hormone check-up every year to get an insight into your hormonal imbalance. If you find your levels are elevated, don’t worry! A simple lifestyle habit and intake of medicines can bring your hormone levels down. Just follow your doctor’s suggestions carefully. Order your medications quickly with your prescription at any reliable online medicine site in just a few clicks and enjoy significant medicine discounts each time you shop for products online!

How to balance estrogen levels naturally?

Yes! Of course practising a good lifestyle, diet and following a few natural therapies can bring down your estrogen levels and aid in balancing your hormone levels. Here are list of foods which may help to reduce estrogen levels in the bloodstream:

1) Add cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, turnip greens and Brussels sprouts in your diet to decrease estrogen activity and increase estrogen detoxification.

2) Incorporate more fibrous foods in your diet

3) Boost your choline, vitamin b12, folate, and betaine nutrients by consuming foods such as eggs, meat, shellfish, beets, spinach and quinoa in your diet. You can also take supplements to meet your body’s demand. Buy OTC medicines online from any trusted online medicine site at your convince.

4) Exercise regularly to push your extra fats out of the system

5) Do breathing exercises and practice mindfulness techniques for stress reduction and to improve overall health.

High estrogen levels in men can invite many health issues. So, get your hormone levels checked annually to correct any hormonal errors occurring in your body. Focus on lifestyle, diet and exercise to minimize estrogen levels and to optimize overall healt

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