Hide Your Ink: 5 Tips for Covering Tattoos

Around 75% of Americans regretting getting at least one of their tattoos, which shows we must find creative ways to hide them.

Perhaps you’ve been told to cover your tattoos for work or you’re tired of your current body art. Either way, you can hide your body art without going through the painful tattoo removal process.

Sound interested? Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are our five tips for covering tattoos.

1. Apply Small Bandages

One of the most important tips for covering bad tattoos is applying a bandage over them. This is especially useful if you have a tiny tat. Simply apply a gauze pad over the art and fasten it with medical tape.

And if anyone asks about it, say you accidentally cut yourself shaving or a cat scratched you.

2. Use Makeup

You should also find a foundation that covers tattoos for a temporary measure. To maximize your efforts, clean the body art with alcohol and then rub makeup primer into it. Pro tip: find a foundation that is brighter than your ink for the best results.

If you don’t have makeup, find a lotion that covers tattoos or a tattoo eraser. The latter has been formulated by professionals who can counteract the colors in the ink so it looks like your natural skin.

Note, don’t cover fresh ink with foundation otherwise it could cause an infection.

3. Let Down Your Hair

If you need tattoo coverings for at work, try hiding upper back or neck tats with your hair. For instance, if you have body art behind your ear, then make your hair fall to that side. You should also use hair spray or mousse so that it stays in place during a busy day.

4. Wear Jewelry

Not a fan of tattoo removal? Then don bulky jewelry to cover up any ink. For example, you could wear several bangles to hide wrist tattoos or wear a chunky ring to hide finger tats.

5. Wear the Right Clothes

Wearing the right clothes is the key to large tattoo coverups. For instance, use a scarf to hide any tattoos you have on your neck, shoulders, and collarbone. If you live in a hot climate, wear a light, silky scarf so you’re still comfortable.

And if you’ve got a colorful sleeve tat, wear a button-down shirt with long sleeves, a life-saver if you work in an office. You could also wear cardigans and sweaters to hide any ink.

Got tattoos on your legs? Then throw on a pair of opaque tights or jeans so your bosses don’t know about your body art. And if you’ve got ink around your ankles, then wear high-top sneakers or even knee-high boots.

Our Tips for Covering Tattoos

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know everything about covering tattoos.

Cover smaller art with bandages and experiment with different shades of foundation until it’s completely covered. You should also wear chunky jewelry and wear long-sleeved clothes to your advantage. Good luck!

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