Here’s Why Your Skin Will Fall in Love with Mineral Makeup

It is no secret that most beauty products come with tags that read “the best one yet!” and in many cases, this is not true. Though mineral makeup has been around since the 1970s, recently it has begun to reach out to the mass market on a large scale. Today, you can find it on the shelves of many stores. Decades old, it seems like the discovery of the benefits of mineral makeup has only just started.

Mineral makeup significantly separates itself from traditional makeup, and yes, it offers a horde of benefits not found in other makeup products. Of course, this also depends on what your needs are, and whether mineral makeup would be ideal for your makeup regimen or not.

For most beauty mavens, organic makeup so far goes beyond expectation when compared to the regular makeup products. The question is, “why mineral makeup?”


Why Is Mineral Makeup so Loveable?

Its good-for-the-skin ingredients and chemical-free formula are major reasons why most people love mineral makeup. The fact is that when people visit stores or places like IQ Natural, they find products that do not have petroleum byproducts, synthetic preservatives, and silicones. Research reveals that the simple formula, and abundant skin benefits makes mineral makeup a must have among beauty conscious women.

Mineral Makeup and Natural Ingredients: Learning more about mineral makeup is probably the most important part to help you decide why you should choose it. The common ingredients include:

  • Zinc Oxide, which works as a natural sunscreen and provides a wide UVA/UVB protection spectrum.
  • Titanium Dioxide is an anti-inflammatory agent (naturally white) that has high reflective properties. It works as a sunscreen, minimizes skin discolorations, and promotes smooth lines.
  • Rice Powder/Cornstarch, draws out oil from the skin pores without over drying the skin.
  • Sericite, which is colorless mica used to reduce the opacity of titanium dioxide. It works well as an oil absorber and leaves the skin looking flawless.
  • Kaolin Clay works as a natural absorber of oil.
  • Iron Oxides, these help to add some tint to cosmetics. They are natural pigments and usually very opaque.
  • Mica is a natural glitter that provides depth, sparkle, shimmer, and iridescence.

These standard ingredients present in mineral makeup are the reasons why many people love to invest in them. They contain no artificial dyes, no oils, no perfumes, or harmful chemicals.

Irritation-Free: usually, the ingredients present in traditional makeup are exceptionally harmful, and cause skin irritation like inflammation. The healing, and skin soothing properties found in most brands is a reason why physicians and dermatologists recommend mineral makeup.

Non-Acnegenic and Non-Comedogenic: As a fact, mineral makeup does not clog the pores. Your skin can breathe and it does not provide any barrier for oil secretions. This means you do not need to worry about problems like Acne and other topical skin problems.

Inert Quality: Generally, mineral makeup does not sustain any bacterial life. All the ingredients present are inert. This means they provide no source of food for bacteria. This adds an indefinite shelf life to mineral makeup and you do not have to worry about contamination, or expiry. However, keep in mind that makeup brushes could support bacterial life, thus it is advisable that you clean your set regularly.

Sweat and Water Resistant: Although mineral makeup is not waterproof, many versions are now water resistant. The credit goes to ingredients like magnesium myristate and titanium dioxide. If you have mineral makeup on, you can simply dab away any bit of moisture and the makeup will stay intact.

Make Your Skin Healthier: They work as organic skincare products, and make you look younger. Mica and Silica have light scattering properties, which diffuse the appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a smoother appearance.  These elements add radiant shine to your skin and provide a youthful appearance.

Why is Mineral Makeup Popular Today?

Before any beauty products achieve global fame, it generally takes a while. Mineral makeup was not so famous because women preferred the idea of using liquid makeup. Many believe it provides the best coverage when compared to other makeup options. It was difficult for consumers to accept the fact that powder could actually give more coverage, and add a natural touch.

This seems too good to be true, but the truth is, mineral makeup in powder form works better than liquid options for coverage and stays on for a longer time. Today, you can find most brands that sell mineral makeup in different forms like face powders, eye makeup, skin care sets, lip colors, and you name it!

Along with multiple benefits, mineral or organic makeup is cheaper and lasts for a longer time without having any negative effects on your skin.

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