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Mumbai comes alive at night. The nights slowly start coming alive by evenings and by nightfall the streets, pubs and clubs are packed with people all around. The nightlife in Mumbai is one thing you cannot miss. This article tells you how to have a perfect evening and night planned out.

Unless you are a history buff or a travel blogger traveling to places frequently to write about the destination, a large portion of occasional travellers, especially the youngsters, travel to a place either for the thrilling outdoor adventures the destination offers or to have fun and party. One of the most exciting cities that appeals to the youngsters in the country is the city of Mumbai. You can check for the Mumbai to Delhi train seat availability and book your ticket accordingly.

Whether it is at a hotel or a friend’s place you are staying on your trip to Mumbai, don’t waste an hour of it lounging on the couch. Unless your friend is a good cook and insists on cooking a proper meal for you, try to eat out as much as possible and try all kinds of food. Good food is found everywhere in Mumbai from the streets to the fancy restaurants. You can kick off your first evening by taking a walk the popular Marine Drive. Marine drive is the most popular hangout place in Mumbai which remains sprawling with residents and travellers alike. You need not walk the whole 3 km stretch but just walk a portion of it. Get some street food from the stalls and food carts nearby and find yourself a place to sit on the pavement and watch the tides hit the sand as the sun starts to set. This is one of the best places to witness a sunset in Mumbai.

The best thing about visit Marine Drive during the evenings is that this place is located in South Mumbai, and south Mumbai is also popular for something else other than the Marine Drive — the nightlife. There are numerous bars and pubs just across the street from the Marine Drive pavement. You need not go anywhere else for the night as your night out is set! Apart from the bars/pubs and the popular Hard Rock Cafe, this area is also home to Blue Frog, the much sought after live music club. Blue Frog is well known to revolutionise the nightlife and hangout scene of Mumbai which earlier were predominant with DJs spinning Hip-Hop tracks or EDM music played in the background. Live music has always been popular in Delhi, however, it never caught up in Mumbai and nobody ever thought of taking a risk, until this place came up. Today, this place has gigs lined up almost each night. The place also gives a platform to stand up comedians which have brought about variations not only in the talent of the artists but also the crowd of the club.

A similar experience you can gather is in West Mumbai. Enjoy a quiet and serene evening in the beautiful gardens of Bandra Bandstand, which is also known as ‘lover’s point’ as it is one of the favorite places for couples to take a quiet walk with their partner. The beautiful scene of the place accompanied by the view of the ocean makes this a relaxing place. Just like Marine drive, you can head on to some pubs and bars located near the Bandra Bandstand by late evening. Bandra Bandstand being a popular tourist attraction and hangout place in Mumbai has a good number of pubs like Toto’s Garage, Rude Lounge, Doolally Tap Room and much more. These places are nice to sit under an air-conditioned roof away from the outside heat and sip on a beer. These places serve nice pub grubs and have a good line of liquor and all your standard cocktails.

If you are looking to head back, go online and check the IRCTC train ticket availability for the destination you’re headed to. It’s never too early to book a ticket. In fact, getting the ticket booked in advance gives you a clear idea of how long you will be staying and leave you stress-free. If you do not find a last minute ticket, you will have to delay and extend your stay for a few more days unnecessarily.

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