Here’s How To Buy Bully Sticks For Dogs

A bully stick is a single-element dog chew that is made from high-protein beef muscle, particularly, the pizzle of a bull. Dogs of any age, size or breed can take benefit of their numerous benefits while pleasing their natural intuition to chew.

Bully sticks help maintain:

  • A healthy fur
  • Clean teeth and healthy gums
  • Optimal brain function
  • Strong muscles
  • They are also extremely digestible especially when contrasted to rawhide bones, which can turn out to be lodged in a dog’s intestines when trying to digest it.

Bully sticks come in numerous different shapes and forms; enable you to choose the bully stick that is best for your dog. A bully stick pretzel or straight bully stick is perfect for a dog that is a light chewer, as they are not hard to chew while still lasting a long time. If your dog is a violent chewer, knotted bully stick bones or braided bully sticks may be a better option, as these are tougher to chew through. In addition, if you are looking to challenge your dog, think about using bully stick rings or curly bully sticks.

You can buy a number of odor free bully sticks that are available in different widths, lengths, shapes, and smells sure to amuse in addition to enhance your dog’s dental health. Most of the bully sticks are sourced from first-class, mature cattle. Each bully stick is inspected before delivery to make sure only the safest and highest quality ingredients are provided for your dog to enjoy.

Not only bully sticks are nutritious treats, but more significantly, dogs love them. Dogs of any age, breed, or size can enjoy chewing on a bully stick. They are even ideal for puppies, as long as they can chew hard food on their own. Bully sticks offer the same dental and high protein health benefits for puppies as they do for adult dogs. In addition, bully sticks are varied and ideal for whatever preferences your dog has. You can locate a bully stick that serves to your dog. The sticks have diverse shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

Tips to buy bully sticks

  • Knowing the manufacturer is vital, as a good manufacturer ensures that only the best quality products are offered that are without any drugs or pesticides or chemicals in them.
  • Several chew sticks in the market are not safe as they do not digest well. If a dog bites a big piece of their treat, it may not degrade appropriately in their stomach, and this may cause stomach problems, food poisoning, and indigestion and even may cause diarrhea. Choking hazards can be caused by hard chewing treats can result in a, particularly for dogs that are smaller. Thus, ensure to use care when offering such products for smaller dogs.

Another important thing that needs to be considered when buying bully sticks is that how long they last. This is related with the size of your dog. A husky will most likely chew stiffer than a Chihuahua. Thus you may be better off buying a thicker bully stick. The length and thickness of the stick are what makes it last longer.

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