Here are The Some Important Facts While Wearing the Bra

Breast Cancer Awareness advocates would argue against the benefits of bra use while others would praise the bra for allowing women to become more involved in physically strenuous activities like an intense workout. “Although a lot of pain for a little screen time; Shaving legs, waxing eyebrows, high heels, trying to put on a bra, losing weight because women’s clothes are SO revealing – Ladies you have my respect,” actor Lou Diamond Phillips once said.

The Boobs Of Fame and Shame?

To help you make an informed decision, here are 10 facts of bra use that you must know:

Fact No. 1: Bras are made into standard sizes.

That means, your size will be the same across all stores, across all brands. However, there are many factors affecting the fit of a bra over your body, and that includes everything from design and construction, all the way down to the materials and locks made.

Fact No. 2: Your cup size is only an estimation of the diameter of your breasts.

That’s because cup sizes, like your bra size, also differ depending on the cut and style. Some styles are deliberately cut in the middle of your breasts or, three-fourths through. On the other hand, there are also full figure bras that hold and hide the full diameter of your breasts.

Fact No. 3: You must decide on the bra style and construction that you need first.

Every bra design has a purpose. There are sports bras, full figure bras, under wired bras, built-in bras, and so on and so forth.  There are even nursing bras. So, ask yourself what kind of bra do you need based on purpose? Then, you go shopping for specific style, size and cup.

Fact No. 4: The back side of your bra matters for support too.  

Whatever bra design you are buying, always note how the back is being supportive of your breasts. Even the thickness of the straps affect  the support you get from a bra.  A racer back or cross back design will be more supportive than a double-sided strap.

Fact No. 5: It is best to shop for a bra in store.

This is one of the facts of bra use that you must care to know about too. With the wide variety of implications surrounding bra and cup size, and design and construction, finding yourself the right bra to fit you suitably via online shopping sites is almost next to impossible.  Always shop in store and not online.

Fact No. 6: Your bra selection must be Purposive.  

Bras are made for breast support but, each one is configured to support specific activities.  There is a reason why sports bras are sports bras, for instance, and why low neckline bras are built for similar clothing styles too. What are you looking for?

Fact No. 7: You need to take your time when picking out your sports bra.

When picking up a sports bra, determine whether the activity that you are joining is low impact, moderate impact or, high impact. That will help you determine which sports bra is right for you. Sports bras are similarly categorized.

Fact No. 8: Sports bras are built for three categories of support.

Some are built for encapsulation only which complement low impact activities. Some provide compression only which are perfect for supporting your breasts during low and moderate impact activities.  For high impact activities, bras which provide both encapsulation and compression are recommended.

Fact No. 9: There aren’t any proven benefits to wearing a bra during sleep.  

There are manufacturers who continue to sell bras for use during sleep. The claims include both support, most especially for the full breasted women, and also retaining breast form and shape. There are no official agreements nor compelling studies to support that though.

Fact No. 10: Breast Cancer Awareness advocates argue against bra use.

Their reasons? They claim that a bra does not really have any practical function in supporting women’s breasts. Worse, they say that bra use only put women at higher risk for breast cancer. Bras, according to them, suffer the otherwise healthy fluid circulation around the breast and chest area, and presses on the lymph nodes as well.


There are so many arguments surrounding bras, that even their use and functionality are being put under scrutiny. One thing we can all agree on though is that, at the end of the day, it’s your choice to make whether you want to wear bras or not.

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