Here are Some Painful Sports Injuries & Ways to Deal with Them

Whether you play badminton, soccer, football or basketball, you are bound to get injuries once in a while during the match. Having a proper physical fitness can help you greatly when it comes to dealing with the sports injuries. In fact, a physically fit and active person can prevent the sports injuries to a great extent.

If you know the right running and walking techniques, you are way too less likely to suffer from sports injuries, when compared to a person who is not that familiar with them.

Sports injuries create a lot of pain and distress, which make it too difficult for you to lead a normal life until your discomfort reduces. There are several ways of dealing with sports injuries, but taking the support of physical therapist remain the most reliable way of reducing the pain frequently.

We sat down with physical therapistat Greater Baton Rouge Physical Therapy to discuss about some common types of sports injuries and their impact on an athlete’s health and well-being.

Ankle Sprain – It’s very Painful

Ankle sprains are very common among athletes and they cause tremendous pain and discomfort to them. Though ankle sprains can be received by any one, they are extremely popular among those people who play sports like Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Tennis etc. which demand a lot of running and jumping.

Ankle Sprain can be defined as an injury to the ligaments, which are nothing but strong bands that play a crucial role in supporting bones in a joint. An ankle sprain is generally received by people when they twist their leg while jumping or running.

Whenever you receive an ankle injury while playing, it becomes difficult for you to continue with your game because it creates a huge pain. In such cases, you either have to leave the ground or struggle with your leg while playing.

Knee Injury

Knee injuries are also very painful and they can stop your movements temporarily. Though knee injuries can be caused by several reasons, in sports people generally receive them due to the use of improper landing techniques. When you use improper landing techniques while jumping, or climbing stairs you may end up damaging the ligaments in your knees, which cause enormous pain. There are total four ligaments that support your knee bones and they are Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), Lateral collateral ligament (LCL), and Medial collateral ligament (MCL). 

If anyone of these ligaments is injured while playing a sport or while doing any other activity for that matter, you will end up getting a terrible pain.

Groin Strains

A groin strain is a kind of injury wherein an adductor muscle is injured around the groin, which creates pain in the inner thigh. It’s very common among people who play sports like rugby, soccer, and badminton.

Hand Injury

When you receive a hand injury, it can affect your normal life to a great extent. Some of the common hand injuries include elbow injury and wrist injury, which can stop the proper functioning of your hand. An elbow injury may restrict you from bending your hand comfortably, therefore, whenever you get one, make sure that you give sufficient rest to your hand so that it can be cured easily.

Apart from the above-mentioned sports injuries, athletes also struggle with a hamstring strain and shin splints, which create a lot of difficulties for them.

How to Deal with Sports Injuries?

Consult a Doctor

Consulting a good doctor often remains the first option, when someone receives a sports injury and that’s good as well because a physician provides the kind of medicines which offer a quick relief from pain. However, these medicines can’t always deal with the root cause of the problem, which is why your physician sometimes give you the suggestion of consulting a physical therapist.

Physical Therapy (PT) is a Perfect Treatment for Healing Sports Injuries

A rehabilitation center that offers physical therapy services for restoring your physical movements is perhaps the right place to cure your sports injuries. You need a perfect environment to recover from your condition and a PT clinic offers you with exactly what you need. A good PT clinic provides the patients with individualized care, wherein a treatment plan is designed according to their individual needs.

In a rehab center patients are generally attended by a team of experts which include a physical therapist, a massage therapist. They examine the entire body of the patient in question, before coming to the conclusion what type of physical therapy services should be offered to them. The medical history of the patient is also evaluated to figure out the root cause of the problem, after which right kinds of aerobics and muscle strengthening exercises are included in their treatment plan.

In addition to that, bone strengthening exercises are also included in the treatment plan, to prepare the patients to avoid further injuries.
If the physical activities and the exercises suggested by a physical therapist are effectively followed by the people with sports injuries, they can recover from your problem very fast.

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