A healthy woman always looks great. Her eyes sparkle and a cheerful shine cover her cheeks. She can jokingly solve any problem and troubles always bypass her. Sometimes it seems that it is given to her by nature. However, scientists have concluded that some very common habits can significantly improve both mental and physical conditions.

1. Listen to your body

Every woman comes to this period in a different state and everyone experiences it differently. Everything that you do to your body should be strictly selected and meet your needs at a specific time. The recipes “I’ve been doing this for 10 years” should be reviewed, as well as the hope that everything will work out by itself.

Add regular medical check-ups to your schedule. It will help you keep track of all the changes and minimize their effects on your health and appearance. If the following specialists and procedures still do not appear in your planner, then it’s time to write it down:

  • Therapist. It only takes one visit per year to control blood pressure. Get yourself tested for biochemistry, the level of vitamins D and B12, in the absence of which an auxiliary therapy is prescribed.
  • Gynecologist. One visit per year for an examination, mammography, and cervical biopsy.
  • Dentist. One visit every six months for routine inspection and teeth cleaning.
  • Dermatologist. One visit per year to examine your skin, plan anti-aging beauty treatments, monitor moles and pigmentation.

2. Find the right people

It’s perfect if you have already managed to get in touch with proper people. If not, then it’s time to gather the circle of specialists with whom you will be ready to stay for a long time such as hairdresser, cosmetologist, makeup artist, personal trainer, psychologist, and doctors.

Random experiments on yourself can cause you more harm, but reliable assistants will be helpful. Hormonal changes lead to reduced production of collagen and elastin. Dryness, vulnerable and sagging tissues appear too suddenly. Problems with blood vessels and skin hyperpigmentation are also exacerbated. These problems can not be solved with the help of home remedies, contact professionals for effective methods.

3. Learn to cope with stress

The middle-age is full of different experiences. We have to simultaneously adapt to changes in our own body, watch how our parents are aging and children are growing up.

The stress in this period is one of the most important factors to which health reacts and it is easily read in our appearance. Do not let stress negate all your efforts in eternal youth.

Find time for yourself, make your health care a daily and constant part of your life. Master the techniques of relaxation and meditation. Don’t be ashamed to seek help from a psychologist.

4. Change the diet

The changes in nutrition are difficult for many women. It is hard to refuse an extra cup of coffee and dessert. But if you want to stay young and beautiful, give the body what it needs. 

This includes foods rich in fiber such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. The diet should also include oily fish. Red meat should not be eaten more than twice a week. It can enhance internal inflammatory processes. It is also necessary to drink a sufficient amount of water.

5. Adjust your daily routine

The stars, which are in their 40’s and look younger than their thirty-year-old colleagues, say that their trump card is sleep. High-quality sleep is one of the main conditions of health and youth, so it shouldn’t be underestimated. Proper sleep affects your mood, reactions and even helps control hunger throughout the day.

We need melatonin, which is produced only during proper sleep. This hormone launches all the biological rhythms in the body and it is important to go to bed before midnight.

It is also necessary to adhere to interval fasting at night and maintain a gap of 12-14 hours between supper and breakfast. This is an effective prevention method of many conditions that cause early aging of the body and age-related diseases.

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