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Healthy Tips: What You Should Know Before Getting Pierced - Likeitgirl

Healthy Tips: What You Should Know Before Getting Pierced

Piercing is a type of body modification that was used as a tradition and has lived for centuries—for the tribes across the globe, it is an essential body modification for different cultural reasons. It emerged independently in diverse locations such as in North America, Asia, and Africa, which then has grown into a growing interest in the West.

However, recently these days, more and more people are getting their body parts pierced for a fashion statement and a form of expression—from eyebrows and noses to navels, tongues, and genitals. What might not be widely known is that most often, the bacterial infections are at the piercing site. Complications might arise such as allergic reactions, skin tearing, or scarring. If you are about to get pierced then you should know what to do beforehand, here are the tips just for you.

Look for a Trained Professional

The first tip for a healthy piercing is to go for reputable and trained professional or piercing parlors. Earlobe piercing may be done in jewelry or department stores, however piercing like industrial piercing should be done in piercing parlors. You should know that qualified practitioners have a good understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the body part to be pierced.

You should eat something beforehand

An experienced piercer at Liberty London stated that he always suggested eating hearty meals before having the piercing session. A good full mean before getting pierced is mostly suggested to clients because it will help keep your blood sugar steady. If you do not want to have complications after or while on the process of being pierced you should eat beforehand, since you may be susceptible in having low blood sugar which might lead you to feel dizzy or even faint during the piercing, which is not ideal.

Your health history

Since it is your body that we are talking about, piercing professionals should obtain a medical history, including allergies, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma so your health risks are known. Piercings aren’t just a form of body modification but it is also a medical process this is why what they need to know about your health should be told beforehand to avoid issues or complications.

In limiting the bleeding it’s recommended to avoid aspirin for a week before piercing and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for at least a day before getting pierced and for seven days afterward.

Recognize Healing Tendencies

The healing time for piercing varies on the area of the body it was placed into with navels, nipples, and genitals among the slowest to heal. If you had an industrial piercing the healing time might be between 3-4 weeks to 6 months. Additionally, some people might be prone to scarring and may form keloids, if this were the case, the piercing may not be a good idea for keloid-formers.

Ensure Clean Proper Materials Used

Your body is a top priority, therefore you should know what tools do they use and are they clean enough to be used for the body. Just as surgeons clean their tools thoroughly before operating so must the piercing artists too since certified tattoo and piercing parlors have an autoclave machine, which uses high temperature and steam to sterilize the gun.

If any of the tools used are not cleaned correctly, obviously there would a great risk of having bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Therefore it’s important to ask when and how the tool your tech uses is cleaned and make sure you see them clean it. Additionally, nickel-free rings, pins, and studs should be inserted to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and infections.


Piercing is a body modification and is now a growing body art to state one’s style and expression. However you should not neglect the safeness of your body for the sake of this, a proper and careful planning should be done before getting yourself pierced. Also, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider beforehand such as your health and lifestyle.

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