Health Tips Your Family Should Follow This Summer

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Of all the seasons that make up the year, summer is undoubtedly a favorite. The carefree time of endless sun, sand, and beautiful beaches make summer perfect for barbecues, family, and good times. It is when working adults take vacations, kids are off from school, and the cares of the world are much lighter all around. However, while summer is a time to be more carefree, many health risks are concerning for families during the summer.

In an effort to stay healthy, I pay attention to my surroundings and do more to take care of myself and my family during the summer. Some health tips that every family should follow this summer are:

Stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated is essential for a healthy mind and body. Adults and children perspire and release more water during the summer. That sweat and perspiration need replenishing; therefore, staying hydrated is essential. Although there is no one-size-fits-all for how much water anyone should drink, you should up your water intake to avoid becoming dehydrated if you are outside doing activities. Carrying a double wall insulated water bottle will keep you ready for a sip of cold and refreshing water while you are on the go.

It is also essential to know the signs of dehydration, especially in the summer. In addition to dark urine, headaches, feeling dizzy or tired, muscle cramps, and rapid breathing are signs of dehydration. Seek immediate attention if you think you are dehydrated.

Wear sunscreen.

There are no hats, scarves, or umbrellas that can protect your skin from sun damage the way that sunscreen does. A product that reflects and absorbs the harmful rays from the sun, sunscreen also protects the skin from sunburn. Though hotter in the summer, sunscreen is essential and should be worn all year. Other benefits of sunscreen are:

Sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer.

Sunscreen prevents hyperpigmentation.

Sunscreen helps avoid inflammation and redness from the sun.

Sunscreen prevents an early case of lines and wrinkles from the sun.

Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Exposure to the sun tends to wear us down and cause a tired feeling to overcome us more often in the summer. That is why eating lighter in the summer is beneficial to staying healthy and active. One way to do that is to make seasonal fruit and vegetables the central part of your meals. Some benefits of seasonal fruits and vegetables are:

Seasonal fruit and veggies have higher nutrition, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

They are cheaper to purchase in season.

Seasonal fruit and veggies are riper and taste better.

Purchasing seasonal fruit and veggies is environmentally friendly.

Limit alcohol.

For adults, limited alcohol, especially during the summer, is essential to remaining healthy in the heat. The mixture of heat and alcohol is dangerous for numerous reasons, including the following:

Car accidents as a result of alcohol happen yearly; however, in the summer, many drink too much to cool off and mistakenly believe that what they are feeling is the result of the sun and not alcohol.

Dehydration is easier because alcohol is a diuretic, causing the body to lose more liquid than it can put back.

Heat strokes occur more often when drinking is mixed with the sun because the body is sweating and cannot cool itself.

Drowning when consuming alcohol also occurs more often because drinkers become disoriented, riskier, and their gag reflex is disturbed due to the alcohol.

Enjoy outside activities.

Staying active in the summer is one of the easiest things for a family to do for their health. With great weather, there are opportunities galore for fun in the sun. Aside from picnics and barbecues, families can:

Bike ride or walk

Plant a garden

Roller skate

Camp in the backyard

Fly kites


Of all the seasons that make up the year, summer is a favorite for many. While summer is a time to be more carefree, there are health risks during the summer. Some health tips that every family should follow this summer are staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, eating seasonal fruit and vegetables, limiting alcohol intake, and enjoying outside activities. Following these tips will be a start to keeping your family healthy this summer.

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