Health Procedures That Can Elevate Your Life

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We can all be a little healthier, but you may be ready for a bigger boost. If you need to make a large bump in your well-being, consider one of the procedures below to feel better about yourself and have more hope for your future.

Cosmetic Procedures

If your current feelings about yourself are negatively impacted by an aspect of your appearance, schedule a consultation with a nearby board-certified plastic surgeon. This may mean talking about a nose job, an eyelid lift, or a chin lift. For those that are interested in cosmetic improvements but not ready for surgery, there are many things you can do to brighten your skin and get a healthy glow. These can include

  • a chemical peel, which removes the top layer of skin and encourages new cell growth
  • microdermabrasion, which reduce the look of fine wrinkles

While you need a surgeon for cosmetic surgery, an aesthetician can do many of the non-surgical procedures that can boost your confidence. Look for a professional that is associated with a cosmetic physician for safest results.

The preparation for a cosmetic procedure is actually quite involved and may push you into a healthier life. For example, your cosmetic surgeon may strongly recommend that you quit smoking before they can schedule your procedure. If you’ve been struggling to make a decision about a cosmetic procedure, this may be the push that you leave to finally quit smoking.

Dental Rebuild

If you’ve been uncomfortable about your smile due to tooth decay or crooked teeth, a full mouth reconstruction could be what you need to do. This process is not simple, nor is it something to go into lightly. You will need to go under a general anesthetic and have surgery to remove some teeth, put in Illinois dental implants and add veneers. You may need a bone graft.

Each mouth reconstruction is as unique as the person undergoing it. Study your area and find a qualified physician to help you understand the procedure and make the best choice for your health.

Water Filter

Invest in a quality water filter for your home and treat yourself to two refillable water bottles. Every time you open the refrigerator, your fresh bottle of filtered, chilled water should be the first thing you see and the first choice you make.

There are many countertop filters that can be set on their own stand and easily filled up when you empty them. You can also get a filtered refrigerator pitcher that you can fill from the top each time you fill up a water bottle. Such a filter, in whatever form, will reduce the amount of plastic you need to recycle when you buy water from the grocery store.

Hire a Personal Trainer

If you want to improve your fitness level, hire a trainer to show you the best way to increase the effectiveness of your workout. Many gyms will offer you sessions with a personal trainer when you sign up your subscription. Be prepared to work with light weights for the first few sessions. A good personal trainer will work with you on form until using ideal form is your go-to move.

Once you’re working with your trainer, try to add another workout class to your routine. If your trainer is working with you on lifting weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, take a gentle yoga class on Saturday. If your trainer is working with you on flexibility on Tuesday and Thursday, take a Zumba class with a friend on Wednesday.

Take a Cooking Class

It’s commonly believed that if you go to culinary school, you’re going to be a professional chef. However, culinary school teaches you

  • how to organize your kitchen
  • how to care for your tools
  • how to prep food for easy storage and cooking later

No matter the cuisine you’re interested in learning how to prepare, getting your kitchen in good shape will make it easier. Once your layout is working and your knives are sharp, you will have a better time cooking, enjoy it more, and build your skills.


You deserve to be thrilled with your life, your health and your appearance. Building a better life with one of these choices will take courage; too many of us put ourselves in second place. Step up and invest in you.

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