Health Benefits of Fish Oils for your Pets

Fish oil for pets is one of the most popular dietary fiber purchased by pet owners for the better health of their furry companions. It has many health benefits, but they are only beneficial if used with the right formulation and doses. The fish oils that you purchase should also be manufactured by a reputable company and administered with proper guidelines. The main ingredients in fish oil are EPA and DHA fatty acids, which are both long chains of fused carbon and hydrogen atoms with a carboxyl group at the bottom. These acids are also commonly known as Omega 3 that is rapidly available in the market. Fish oils are very effective for the health of your pets, and you should be giving it to your dogs and kitties in daily doses. 

Health Benefits of Fish Oils for Pets 

Following are some of the health benefits for your pets when they get regular doses of fish oils: 

1. Better Protection for the Heart

Fish oil has been tested to reduce the heart’s susceptible conditions that occur by irregular heart rhythm, normally known as atrial fibrillation. Moreover, it can prevent blood clots from developing in cats with heart disease.

2. Prevents Dry and Flaky Skin in Pets 

Adding fish oil to your pet’s daily diet can reduce their itching and allergies. It is done by decreasing their body’s production of cytokines, which makes them release potent stimulators of inflammation and causes active allergies.

3. Prevents Kidney Diseases

If your pet suffers from failing kidneys, then the use of fish oil may lower high blood pressure, lessen protein loss in their urine discharge, and reduce the production of pro-inflammatory substances that can worsen their kidney’s condition. A study showed that 146 cats with kidney disease were able to live a median of 17 months when fish oils were added to their diet. On the contrary, cats who were deprived of these omega 3 fatty acids only survived for 7 months. It shows the importance of fish oils for the overall health of your pets.

4. Aid for Arthritis Joints in Pets 

Fish oil diminutions the production of potent that stimulate inflammation in the joints of your pets. Arthritic dogs and cats who take fish oil are more comfortable and agile in their daily activities than those who are deficit of omega 3 fatty acids in their daily diet. 

5. Improves Neurological Developments 

A study in 2012 proves that puppies who take DHA vitamins in their diets have an increasing ability to learn and retain new skills. On the contrary, puppies who do not take these fatty acids are slower and do not retain new skills as their brain does not grab the concept easily. You may see that older pets often suffer from cognitive dysfunction, and fish oil helps them improve their recognition of family members and other dogs. Moreover, it has also been seen that adding omega 3 fatty acids to the daily diet of your pets reduces their pattern-pacing behavior.

6. Reduces the Levels of Triglyceride in Blood Stream 

Fish oils in regular doses have proven to reduce the levels of triglyceride in your furry companions. It is especially crucial for pets who are suffering from heart disease, pancreatitis, and provocative bowel disease. These daily doses help to ease out your pet’s health condition and make their immune system better and stronger to combat any further health problems.

Hence, using fish oils for pets is beneficial for their overall health. It makes them stronger internally and provides a shield to any upcoming illness.

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