Have a Weekend Getaway? 5 Things you need to Pack

“To live is to involve, but to travel is to evolve.”

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you staying back home with your eyes fixed on the Netflix or you are looking forward to some adventures with your buddies? Getting rid of the exhaustion of the week by staying glued to the couch is a good idea, but the weekend getaways have their own charm. Only the intrepid explorers would understand the fun of standing on a hill top with the open arms. Nothing can beat the joy of exploring new places and spending the days in the lap of nature. Do you have a plan for a weekend getaway in near future? Well for the ladies out there who are heading for a girl’s day out soon, listed below are few things that you need to consider. Have a look.

Shop smartly

Shopping is the first thing that comes to the mind of women when it comes to any sort of outing even if it is just for a couple of days. Make sure that you shop wisely. Go for the bags that are spacious and are made up of lightweight material. It will be better if the material is waterproof. Other than this, instead of going with very expensive stuff, get something that is comfortable and can be worn at any place, regardless of the culture and lifestyle. The attire along with the footwear should be functional enough to keep you cozy while exploring the place.

Choose versatile pieces

Go for the clothing styles that are versatile and can be mixed and match with each other. The best way to pack up the bag is to stuff in some lightweight t-shirts that can be paired with either short, jeans or chinos. Just a pair of the bottom will be enough to team it up with the tops. Some ladies take expensive dresses with them. You are there to have fun, so, the weight of luggage should restrict you. However, you can take some alluring accessories with you in order to set a style statement in case you are supposed to visit any party, local night club, or anything of this sort. The designer bags, wallets, ankle boots, enticing stockings are some of the ensembles that can transform your look from casual to a notch stylish.

Pack according to the weather

The very thing that you need to consider is the weather condition of the place where you are heading. Check the weather report of the entire week when you are planning the trip and just of one single day. Precaution is always better than cure, so, it is better to pack accordingly. Take precautionary measures if there are chances of rain or if the temperature is to hit the peak. Keep a store of sunscreen lotions and moisturizers with you. This is a must during Summer.

Take the first aid kit along

Get your first aid kit ready even before you start shopping for the day. The kit must have a bandage, antiseptics and the basic medicines for motion sickness, nausea, head ache, stomach ache, fever, indigestion and other basic problems that may occur. Other than this, if you are traveling to a place that is at a higher altitude, then, keep some chocolates with you in order to maintain the blood pressure. Along with this, make sure that you keep mosquito repellent and medicine for skin allergies with you.

Do not rely much on technology

The smart phones and iPhones and have surely made our lives easier. However, you just can’t rely on the technology all the time. Google map won’t help if there is no network coverage at the place where you are going. So, keep the map of the area and magnetic compass with you. Along with this, avoid carrying heavy gadgets like laptops and iPads with you.

Have you packed your bags, yet? Share your experience of the trips with us in the comments below. Happy weekend!

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