Happy Family: How to Encourage Your Baby and Dog Bond

If you want your kid to have a strong bond and a loving relationship with your dogs, you must start the training from their first meeting. If you do everything well, you’ll help create a friendship that will last a lifetime. Here are a few tips and tricks that will strengthen the bond between your two-legged and four-legged babies!

Start early Start early

Don’t waste a second of the nine months until your baby arrives! In case you have a dog that’s a bit naughty and not perfectly behaved, now is the perfect time to check out some puppy training schools. The most important thing is that your dog knows and obeys commands like No, Stop and Stay. Also, before your baby arrives, make sure to bring one of the baby’s blankets home for your dog to sniff and get familiar with the smell.

Get ready for the first meeting

The first meeting is the key! As soon as you bring your baby home, your dog will perceive it as a new face that’s entering your little pack. In order for your dog to accept your kid, make sure to make the first introduction fun and lighthearted. Also, don’t banish the dog once the baby arrives. This will spark jealousy and many negative behaviors! Give your dog plenty of love and include it in family activities with the baby.

Let the dog take the leadLet the dog take the lead

Did you just adopt a dog and are dreading the first meeting? Don’t worry! When the dog feels safe and secure, they will make the first move, sniff your kid and get introduced. Most toddlers love puppies and can be quite aggressive with their love and excitement, so let your dog make the first step! Depending on your dog’s character, this process might take some time, so be patient.

Include your kids in the dog care routine

Kids feel amazing when they know they are helpful and most dogs love to be pampered and showered with treats. So, make sure to include your kids in your dog’s care routine. Toddlers can accompany you on your walks, while older kids can help refill the water bowl, distribute treats and help with baths. Check out some dog supplies stores for parasite pills, shampoos and doggy toys that will ensure your kid can help keep your pup healthy, clean and happy! The more you kid cares for the dog, the bigger mutual trust and love will grow!

Encourage play

Once your kid gets big enough to enjoy playing games, you can organize a little bonding day filled with games and fun. Both dogs and kids love playing hide and seek, chasing each other and piggy in the middle. However, make sure to set some rules. Don’t allow the game to become too heated. This can result in some unintentional injuries and traumas.

Ask professional helpAsk professional help

If you see that your kid and pup are just not getting along, you can always consult professionals. They will determine all the missing factors that prevent your child and pet from bonding and create a good plan to improve their relationship. When relationships in the pack are tense, it creates a lot of stress for both parties. Also, keep in mind that some dogs need more time to accept new people and vice versa, so be patient.

All in all, it’s very important for your kid to grow up with animals. Your family dog can be a perfect companion to your child that will teach them about love, care, compassion and responsibility. If their first meeting goes well and you continue to encourage good relations, you’ll help create a beautiful bond between your kid and dog that will melt your heart!

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