Hair Serum – Know About Its Benefits And Usage Tips

ately, you must have noticed that you are experiencing hair fall as well as breakage. Using a shampoo and keeping the hair clean has not solved the issue. This is because the shampoo does not protect the hair from external elements. This is where hair serum comes to your rescue.


What is hair serum?


Still, there are many people who have no clear idea about hair serum. Hair serum is a liquid made up of silicon, ceramides and amino acids. It coats the hair and protects it. It makes the frizzy hair manageable as well as protects the scalp from infections. Apart from silicon-based hair serums, you can even find organic hair serums on the market.


What are the benefits of hair serum?


Do you have rough, dry and frizzy hair? Hair serum is just for you. It makes your hair manageable as well as smooth and shiny. The silicon present in the serum makes your hair shiny. Hair serum protects your hair from the sun as well as pollution. Some of the benefits of using hair serum are:


Damage protection

Hair gets damaged due to many factors like styling tools, styling products, humidity, pollution, etc. Hair serum covers hair strands and protects it.



If you want to keep your hair conditioned, you can have hair serum. Oils stick to the scalp and makes the strands greasy. So it would be better to apply hair serum rather than apply oil. Hair serum will make the hair soft and will protect it from getting frizzy.



Nobody likes dead lifeless hair. So to add lustre to the hair you need hair serum. It will tackle the dryness of the hair and give it a lustrous look.


UV protection

If you are the kind of a person who spends a lot of time outside in the sun, you are sure to experience hair damage. So you need to protect your hair from the harmful UV radiations. Hair serums coat your hair and make sure it does not get damaged.


Styling tools

If you have the habit of using styling tools more frequently, you may experience hair damage. So now you can make use of hair serum while styling your hair and reduce the risk of hair damage. All you have to do is to make sure that you are using styling tools after applying hair serum. As hair serum is applied to wet hair, you can wait for the hair to dry naturally or use a hair dryer for the same.


How to apply hair serum?

All you have to do is follow some simple steps to apply hair serum. They are as follows:

  1. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair.
  2. Pat dry your hair.
  3. Now take a small portion of the serum and apply through the length of the hair.
  4. Keep it there for some time.
  5. Do not apply it on the scalp.
  6. Comb the hair using a brush.


Things to keep in mind while using hair serum


  • Before using a hair serum, it is better to consult a doctor .
  • Always make use of a brush to spread hair serum.
  • Making use of mild or natural shampoo is recommended to avoid any chemical reaction while using a hair serum.
  • It is better to stop using hair serum if your hair becomes dry after applying it.


Shiny and healthy hair are what everyone wants. By making use of right hair serum you will be able to achieve this.


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