Hair Color A Complimentary Add On To Your Style Statement

Fashion trends are changing! Every minute there is some new invention in cosmetics and hair colors. Hair color enhances one’s look after the haircut and transforms one’s personality in the eyes of the mass at large. Hair color is an essential part of one’s beauty and we have come a long way in beautiful, vibrant, shinier hair commercial colors.

From the ancient time’s women have been coloring their hair from henna to camouflage gray hair then they started using plant extracts to color their hair. And now we are also following their footsteps L’oreal Paris was the first brand to bring a revolution in hair service industry by encouraging the use of hair color by its slogan Because You Are Worth It. 

Now you can’t turn on the TV without watching a hair color ad endorsed by celebs of Hollywood like Eva Longoria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Jenner and many more. Kylie Jenner brought in a range of new hair colors in 2014 and since then we have been increasing the trend and the color range.

“New You…New Hue” a new fashion color statement in town.

Here are some of the hair colors in trend for hair highlight services:-

Ombre Highlights

Ombre is a dark to light color transition from roots to ends where the color smoothly and gradually changes. It appears melting together creating one flowing look, the look of this hair color is like a setting sun on the beach.

You can go for such hair services for the occasions like casual parties and beach vacations. Ombre color creates a dramatic look in your appearance and makes you feel confident. As it looks natural on any skin tone it requires a touch up every 5 to 6 months which is a convenient time span.

Balayage Highlights

Balayage works well on light and dark hair shades, it can work on any hair length except short cropped hair. Your hair stylist will apply this hair color service with a free hand technique without saturating the entire section with hair dye. The after effect of the color is soft, naturally enhanced, beautiful hair; Balayage highlight can go with any hair color combination. You won’t have any regrowth line showing, it will easily blend into your natural hair looks.

Blonde Highlights

Lady Gaga was the first spotted in this new hue. Blonde color is mainly of two kinds “Platinum Blonde Hair Color” which goes with a fair skin tone or a medium skin tone with a yellowish tint. “Light Ash Blonde Hair Color” is a whiter shade of ashy or gray tint, this goes with a lighter complexion and lighter eye color. Blonde color is the opposite of Ombre color, it is a richer and warmer tone that enhances one’s soul.

Metallic Highlights

Metallic hair color means “hair shine”. From warm gold to icy silver all the shades of metal put a metallic spin on just about any hair color shade or can create a full head of metallic hair color in the shade of silver or copper. This color looks rich and expensive and gives some fashionista goals to the people around you.

Hair colors enhance one’s character and gives a good volume and texture to one’s hair. The quality of hair is improved, the hair stylist recommends shampoos and conditioners which supports the highlights and hair damage according to individual scalps.

Hair has to be maintained and needs extra care as they are exposed to sun, dust and pollution every day. Hair services like hair massage, hair cutting, hair spa, hair highlights and much more. It should be done from time to time by going to your nearby salon so that your hair’s shine, glossiness and hair follicles remain damage free.

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