Every job comes with health hazards that can be reduced and even avoided through following safety guidelines. Your eyes are among the most used and exposed to risk every time you work. This is why wearing the right gear like the Bolle safety glasses is a must to protect your precious eyes. 

While there are tons of high-quality safety eyewear available in the market today, the incidents of eye injuries at work are still rising. A large percentage of these accidents are due to wearing the wrong protective eyewear. 

Eye injuries that happened in the workplace are caused by multiple factors, which include: 

  • Ingress of chemical splash 
  • Ingress of airborne materials 
  • Direct impact of any hard and pointed materials and 
  • Too much glare and ultraviolet light 

A wide range of tasks are done in different workplace environments, and each of these tasks carries a risk that could injure your eyes. You need to determine the risk that your job has to know the specific type of protective eyewear you should have. 

Types of protective eyewear 

Protective or safety eyewear is mainly categorised as either goggles or spectacles, which provides different protection levels. Both types have available prescription eyewear, and few manufacturers have laser protection eyewear. 

Safety spectacles that are EN166 standard certified can protect your eyes from low energy impact or an impact coming at 45 metres per second. On the other hand, EN166 certified goggles can protect your eyes from medium energy impact or an impact coming at 120 metres per second. 

With that in mind, safety goggles are recommended if you use high power tools, like a nail gun, at work. Furthermore, safety goggles are also recommended with jobs that deal with a molten metal splash, chemicals, exposure to vapours or gases that can harm the eyes. It is also advisable to workplaces where the degree of airborne particles are high. 

How to choose the appropriate protective eyewear? 

When choosing the right eyewear, you have to remember that one size doesn’t fit all. You need to consider your facial and head shape when selecting the best one for you. With this process, you are ensuring the proper fit, which is important for your safety. Moreover, choosing the right fit will comfort you, even if you wear your Bolle safety glasses throughout the day. 

The eyewear should provide a lightweight, low-pressure fit. Eyewear with injection-moulded components around the nose, brow, and on sidearms increases the eyewear’s comfort and ensures that your eyewear will stay put. Like extendable side arms and lens inclination, adjustable features will provide you with a customised fit, keeping the hazards out. It will also let you find a position that can help you work confidently, comfortably, with as few distractions as possible. 

The optical quality of the lens reduces headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. Lenses with high visual quality are free of imperfections and aberrations, giving you a clear vision. Poor quality safety eyewear has poor optical clarity, which is one of the primary causes of eye fatigue caused by distortions in the lens. 

Wearing safety eyewear is not enough to keep your eyes protected from the hazards around your workplace. You have to make sure that you are wearing the right one specified on the type of your work and make sure that the eyewear is comfortable and fits your right.

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