In the digital age, everyone is envious over quitting the 9-5 and hitting the road; while still making money, of course. Although it can look easy, there are plenty of questions to ask yourself and situations to prepare for.

What Kind of Internet Access Do You Require?

The very first thing you need to consider when beginning your remote work journey is what kind of internet access do you need. You may only need a connection for a short amount of time, for example, if you are submitting a project you make offline or just looking for work on craigslist. However, if your work involves researching, online communication, or otherwise needs a constant strong connection, you’ll have to find a place to set up shop for a quiet work environment. A decent option is to purchase a router to access the internet inside an RV, but for those who don’t want their home on wheels, a quiet coffee shop, bookstore, or internet cafe provides an excellent work environment; however, many public places only allow a maximum of 2 hours to stay connected to the internet, so be sure to check on any rules the business may have before setting up for the workday.

Filing Taxes

Everyone’s least favorite time of the year, at least until you potentially get a refund check, is tax season. There are plenty of different situations that workers find themselves in concerning taxes when working remotely; the majority of issues lie in self-employment confusion or working abroad. Since filing taxes for the US is crucial, you have to make sure you’re filling out the correct forms in the correct way. It’s recommended that if you are not a tax expert, especially if you haven’t filed in your current situation, consulting a tax expert is necessary. It can be especially difficult when filing US taxes from abroad, but there is a plethora of information available to you online to ensure you’re filing correctly.

On The Road: The Where and When

The best part of working remotely is typically agreed upon as the freedom to travel anywhere, so of course, a plan is in order before immediately heading out the door. If you plan to be on the road, be sure to create your route that stops at places where you can access your required internet connection, cell phone signal, or any supplies you may need to conduct work. The next thing to plan out is time; decide how long you need or want to work and figure out a quota that keeps you constantly progressing in the middle of your travels. Sometimes beginners will make the mistake of planning either too much work time or too much leisure time, so try to be realistic so you can earn money and enjoy your adventure at the same time.

Don’t Forget About Your Current and Future Loved Ones

Although you may have some of your closest friends, family, or significant others on this journey with you, don’t get caught up in the fun of adventuring without being sure to call anyone who didn’t tag along. A common problem for solo travelers is that sometimes you just forget how to socialize; if you’re planning on stopping at public places, try to spend at least a little leisure time socializing and making friends where you are, even if you know it’s only temporary. This is great for your mental health, and you could also meet interesting people that could help you on your current and future adventures.

Learn To Stay Focused

Minimizing distractions is crucial if you are essentially your own boss. If you don’t have someone breathing down your neck while you work, your brain sees the opportunity to slack without trouble; until you almost miss a deadline, that is. Some people can naturally sit down and work well, but others have to create a routine and be more strict on themselves with discipline. Different people require different needs to create the perfect, non-distracting work environment, so be sure to find out your needs before leaving and adequately prepare for how you’ll dedicate yourself to get work completed.


Working remotely provides amazing opportunities, and traveling constantly offers beautiful life experiences. Remember to stay prepared for this journey, but also allow yourself to be free and enjoy your new work life.

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