Our closet is the most favourite part of our house. Who does not love their closet? They are not heavy neither fragile still needs to be taken care while moving. In our closet, we have everything from delicate pieces to hanging clothes, shoes and accessories. Every item requires its own strategic packaging technique.

We have gathered step by step approach how to pack clothes for moving.

Packing clothes for the move can actually be a relatively quick and easy process if you have got a trick and follow the right tips.

  • Clean out your closet: Before moving towards packing clean your wardrobe and keep aside the unwanted and scrap items. This will eliminate the tedious process of packing and will save your time, money and space as well.
  • Use of wardrobe boxes, cardboard boxes and suitcase: We have different things in our closet. We have hanging clothes as well as foldable clothes and other handle-with-care stuff.
    • Wardrobe boxes: The specialty of wardrobe storage boxes is they let you move hanging clothes from one place to another without any threat of it wrinkling. These rectangular boxes come with rods ideal for hanging clothes.
    • Cardboard boxes: These can be used for packing folded clothes. Since clothes are not delicate or fragile but can make the box heavy, therefore, it is advised to use small cardboard boxes.
    • Suitcases: Suitcase is another ideal packaging container for your fragile accessories. You can wrap your accessories with bubble wrap and keep them safe in your suitcase.
  • Pack shoes and accessories separately: It is necessary to keep your clothes and other delicate accessories separate to prevent them from damage. Wrap shoes individually in polybags such as vacuum bags or bubble wraps for extra protection. For other accessories use the suitable boxes to avoid damages and deformation of the original shape.
  • Keep the heavy objects at the bottom: Heavy items should always stay under light once, so that lighter once do not break lifting heavy items. Wrap the lighter and smaller items and then keep them above heavier once to avoid any sort of damage.
  • Utilize your dresser drawer: Make use of dresser drawer to pack the clothes for the move. Keep all the items folded inside the drawer and secure plastic wrap around the drawer to keep everything in place. There are two big benefits of this.

One, your drawers are already “unpacked” once you arrive at your new home—you just have to take the plastic wrap off. And two, your dresser itself is much lighter to lug on to and off of the truck.

Moving boxes are the most important packaging items used while moving. You will find the full range of packaging products from cardboard removal boxes to edge guards, Kraft paper, corrugated paper etc. Explore the shop.

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